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In this open city, it seems so easy to feel that you can invent yourself and create a unique life.
Brilliant engineers invent things and devise solutions that improve the lives of millions of people.
Dangerous bacteria are developing resistance to existing antibiotics faster than humans can invent or discover new drugs.
Small companies invent the future, big companies buy it.
Chemists are usually asked to invent a solution, but without considering hazardous by-products.
We had to invent our games, invent our toys, because there were no toys.
Say, for example, you invent a four-legged swivel chair.
As far as the product is concerned, the innovation required in a period of crisis is not to invent something different.
The gecko's amazing sticky toes inspired scientists to invent a wall-climbing robot.
Without patents to protect their creations, inventors would have little incentive to invent.
She wanted viewers to be able to invent their own stories to suit the scene, perhaps even insert themselves in it.
And they invent new ways of working with television technology.
In reality, those musicians are relying on an intricate set of musical patterns, which allow them to invent beauty in real time.
Yet the constant need for members of guilds to rely on each other and invent as they go keeps them increasingly engaged.
Once you invent the car, you can't go back to the horse.
Eddy loves to invent things, and he is confident that he will win the science fair he is competing in.
We have the technology to invent new ways of transportation and other sources of energy.
When their business model is collapsing, they need the freedom to invent a new one.
Imagine a band of ancestral hominids about to invent language.
There are enough legitimate ways to combat the anti-vaccine movement without our having to invent one.
We then did our best to invent capabilities and learning experiences that helped address those challenges.
Challenge students to invent three new scientific terms and write a dictionary entry for each one.
We are not alone in our ability to invent or plan or to contemplate ourselves-or even to plot and lie.
If they invent a dreary collection panel, then it'd be worthwhile.
If he were inventing, he wouldn't invent the chimpanzee's swollen belly.
Now that re-engineering foreign drugs is becoming illegal, local pharmaceutical companies are starting to invent their own.
Indeed, he commercialised but did not invent the light bulb.
We joined our profession to discover economic truths, not to invent them.
But those who invent and those who use these technologies point to the potential advantages.
When they try to set standards or invent stuff, they fail.
Dozens of people are convicted each year, though hearsay is often used as evidence and accusers invent verbal transgressions.
The world is so wicked and so old, that it is bard to invent a new knavery.
The news and entertainment media tend to invent a fictional world that justifies and elevates their counter-position to it.
We may also invent adequate measurements for quantum mechanics.
We must not re-invent the wheel, but to make it suitable to use in our roads.
The answer is to invent a language and/or transform the problem metaphorically.
Even if farmers produce more food and engineers invent new fuels, the poor will still lack food and fuel.
Scientists discover, artists invent, and so do mathematicians.
No matter what system you invent, there will be inconsistencies.
He didn't invent the idea, but he recognized the problem.
With these daily handouts, and more free time, the macaques began to invent new behaviors.
Have students invent new names for prehistoric sea creatures.
Take tasks that require no thought and re-invent them so that you have to think.
He went on to develop a successful business manufacturing house harnesses, and invent a new method for silver plating.
So they are trying to invent a whole new technology for harvesting wind: electricity generators that fly.
Historians who distort, inflate and invent find their credibility shredded by their peers, not the police.
The alchemists of old sought to transmute base metals into gold and to invent a potion that would confer immortality.
The riskiest tactic for generics makers is to try to invent their own drugs.
Many firms share this harsh view of the highly paid advisers who walk in and tell them to re-invent their businesses.
Capitalists quite often invent the technology that destroys their own business.
Poor countries grow faster than rich ones, because it is easier for them to imitate better techniques than it is to invent them.
One answer is technological: rely on the people who created the fog to invent filters that will clean it up.
It is necessary to invent symbols to represent them in transliteration.
He who tells a lie must invent twenty more to maintain it.
His desire of mortification made him invent different instruments of penance.
It may be as wrong an explanation as mortal wit could invent.
Sincerity and honesty carries one through many difficulties which all the arts he can invent would never help him through.
In fact, it is as difficult to appropriate the thoughts of others as it is to invent.
Engines for war they devise and invent wonders wittily.
It seems scarce possible to invent a more equitable way of maintaining such works.
When the persecutors had run over all their old methods of tortures and executions, they studied to invent others more barbarous.
Along the road of life, he'll invent a new way to make the roads of our lives a smoother ride.
He will invent a vessel designed to make research into gases at extreme low temperatures easier, and it does.
His only option, he decided, was to invent new ones.
Second, you and the other players can add or modify rooms, as well as invent new and magical objects.
More games now include features that let players invent some aspect of their virtual world, from characters to cars.
He didn't invent the music, but his compositions brought it acclaim.
She did not invent new ways to stay clear of the big-game fray.
Many people who may read these posts do not master all of the acronyms that one could use or invent.
They have reified the idea of universal friendship, but they didn't invent it.
They have yet to invent the test you can't prep for.
For-profit colleges didn't invent higher education lobbying.
Increasing bike lanes is a great idea but there's no need to go and re-invent the wheel.
As he fades away, his enterprising countrymen will invent a new system all their own.
It's impossible to get up every morning and re-invent the wheel.
They can criticise and expound verses, and invent theories of poetics, and compile anthologies.
We could invent our own material, but the cost of that is not something we're prepared to do right now.
If you are inspired to invent backstories for any of them, make sure to specify the details about them that inform your narrative.
Apparently they managed to invent the ball but somehow missed the wheel.
Or she could use the extra percentage of her brain to invent a way to fly, but all she wants to do is sing.
Yet the freedom to invent tempts the fiction writer to fantasy.
Even well into the eighteenth century, not a few historians continued to understand themselves as artists, with license to invent.
They invent outrageous, impossible, complicated gestures.
In exchange for control over the fruits of invention, he gave his engineers the freedom to invent.
The narrator tries to invent a new language that won't sicken people.
Contemporary players did not invent the art of dispute or the thuggish gesture.
When asked how they could possibly know events that have yet to occur, they often invent elaborate lies.
He didn't invent the telescope, he wasn't the first to point it at the sky, and he wasn't even the first to publish his drawings.
Most such tailor-made systems modify existing alphabets, although some instead invent syllabaries.
Without plate tectonics and reasonably stable continents, life will never leave the oceans and therefore won't ever invent radio.
When your job is to invent new possibilities for computers, this is what you get to do.
In other words, they are able not only to invent resistance genes but also to spread them around with alacrity.
People don't, generally, have enough imagination or knowledge to invent plausible futures.
The program asks engineers to invent ultra-lightweight vehicles that could come in handy for urban military missions.
Don't invent things on which you have no knowledge to suit your argument.
Now he wants researchers to invent new ways to use natural gas to power vehicles.
One away to get around this could be to invent new, and far cheaper manufacturing methods.
These companies use new technologies to set the agenda in their industries, or to invent new industries from scratch.
Instead why not invest in electrical magnetism and push that further, or invent ways to not need the magnets in the first place.
They want people to be able to invent inside their ecosystem, so they need to protect it.
Why re-invent the wheel and than try to build something that can use that wheel.
After all, if they want it so badly, let them help you invent it.
At dinner that night, my kids sat with paper and pencils, trying to invent a different way to make helium blimps.
It explains writing carefully: the great thing is not to describe but to make, not to invent but omit.
If users wanted secrecy, they could invent their own secret codes and encipher their messages themselves.
It is given to few intellectuals to invent an important new branch of their specialty.
One may be tempted to go behind the given and invent something better, to attempt to reenter life at a more advantageous point.
Patents encourage technological advancement by providing incentives to invent, invest in, and disclose new technology worldwide.
They can help students increase the range of possibility for the games that they can invent on graphs.
His understanding of sound helped him to teach the deaf and then invent the telephone.
Listen to your optimism to invent new practices for sustainability and build a tighter community.
Innovation can spark from play, so invent a way to add fun to work and try new angles.
Invent your own curriculum if you don't find one that calls you.
Question who you think you are, and invent something new.
Be grateful for what you have, and invent new ways to make a difference.
Use this inspiration to invent something together that stands apart.
Invent an inspiring goal, and speculate on ways to achieve it.
Use your imagination to invent a new marketing pitch.
Capote didn't invent true crime, though he did revive and revitalize it.
There's a story that shows up a lot--of people who have some scheme or some way to invent a new life for themselves.
Modern media did not invent greed, eccentricity or lust for attention.
Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens.

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