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Invasive species are not always good, but they are not always bad either.
Not everyone sees every aspect of the rise of minimally invasive technology as a thing of beauty.
Invasive species push aside native vegetation and reduce diversity of plant cover.
All of these species, including the wood stork in the center, have fallen prey to invasive pythons.
If humans didn't make it so easy for them, invasive fire ants wouldn't invade.
Eavesdropping is difficult, time-consuming and invasive of privacy.
It's a fact sheet about the ecological threat posed by this invasive shrub.
Spread by creeping rhizomes and can be invasive if not controlled.
The underpants bomber has renewed calls for new and more invasive security measures.
Invasive plants have become naturalized at a steady pace over the last two centuries, with no sign of slowing down.
But the laryngoscope is not nearly as time-consuming or invasive.
But other factors have also had an impact: habitat loss, pollution, disease and invasive species.
Empowered by a lack of natural enemies, invasive species often overwhelm the regions they infiltrate.
But its island ecosystem is also prone to invasive species that can upset the natural balance.
Perennial kinds spread rapidly, may become invasive.
Sure, with the proper social filters, location awareness needn't be invasive or creepy.
Minimally invasive and endoscopic management of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
In fact, it may increase it by increasing the number of invasive medical procedures carried out.
The aquarium industry is already recognized as a source of freshwater invasive species such as the snakehead.
Invasive species can decrease biodiversity and drive resident species to the brink of extinction.
Humans and invasive species have been significantly more efficient killers.
Modern medicine offers doctors a panoply of less invasive tools to thrust inside disease-stricken bodies.
Erosion from farming and deforestation threatens other turtle species, as do invasive species.
Planned invasive plant that is what those paper companies are set to do.
Good shade or specimen tree for larger gardens or parks, since it requires space for its invasive surface root system.
They live in remote, resource-rich areas, and are threatened by invasive development.
Usually, it's habitat degradation or invasive species.
Why it is time to end invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees.
Vigorous root system can be invasive more add to my plant list enlarge.
Considered overly invasive by many, the system's demise was celebrated by civil libertarians.
The plastic may also be hosting invasive bacteria or other species, researchers say.
Few invasive species play their threatening parts with as much panache as the northern snakehead.
Choose location carefully, though: these plants are too invasive to risk near choice, delicate rock garden plants.
Self-seeds profusely and can be invasive add to my plant list.
Once established, the plant is vigorous, possibly even invasive more add to my plant list enlarge.
It can be invasive though, so clean it up occasionally.
Can become invasive where well adapted add to my plant list.
Vigorous root system can be invasive add to my plant list.
Forms a dense, weed-suppressing mat between shrubs but is too invasive for mixed borders.
Once established, the plant is vigorous, possibly even invasive add to my plant list.
Do not plant in mild-winter climates, where it has become an invasive weed.
Once established, the plant is vigorous, possibly even invasive.
While it's still invasive, it's not as invasive as unzipping someone.
The idea is part of a broader trend to make surgery less and less invasive.
More recently we've used e-mail rather than the telephone, which is easier and less invasive.
Its a non invasive and non surgical procedure, it's done by hand as it were.
Kids can learn about environmental topics such as invasive species vs native plants and how they affect an ecosystem.
It seems impossible to thwart invasive practices by government agencies without breaking the law.
It's minimally invasive and seems to have fewer side effects than the old treatment.
So this is an ideal time for a proposed ban on invasive research on chimpanzees and other apes.
For two centuries, invasive rats on the island have ravaged populations of ground-nesting seabirds.
It was developed to prevent meningitis, invasive pneumonia and other potentially deadly diseases.
Surgeons tried to cut the excess bone away, only to watch it grow back thicker and more invasive than before.
The tourists are partly responsible for invasive species that threaten endemic wildlife.
She can't decide whether to have much less invasive medical procedures without her parents' consent.
But before invasive security became normal, there was a backlash.
The people who should worry are companies whose profits rely on mined, invasive data abuses.
It is non-invasive and is performed usually in an outpatient setting.
Three were found to have invasive cancers that were caught early enough to treat.
Sometimes, tumors that start out being less invasive can become more invasive.
By definition, external fetal monitoring is done through the skin and is not meant to be invasive.
Any dental work, including cleaning, and any invasive procedure can introduce bacteria into the bloodstream.
The level of detail could revolutionize epilepsy treatment by allowing for less invasive procedures to detect and treat seizures.
More-flexible robots could allow for less-invasive operations.
The design shows promise for making sensitive, affordable, and less invasive sensors.
Ultrasound images can be poor in patients with other conditions such as obesity, requiring doctors to resort to invasive tests.
But the procedure is invasive and carries risk of side effects such as depression and cognitive dysfunction.
Yes, but swapping out a pacemaker is an invasive and somewhat dangerous operation.
It is currently at or near the top of invasive species lists for virtually every southern state.
His advances made medicine more radical, more invasive of human bodies, and more dependent upon technology.
Other concerns: degradation of local waters, introduction of invasive species.
But it's also a distinct anachronism in an era when medicine is becoming less and less invasive.
Museum scientists performed non-invasive scans on several mummies last year.
The latest evidence comes from a new report on minimally invasive prostate surgery.
The recovery for minimally invasive surgery is much faster normally.
There are similar examples of both intentional and unintentional introductions of so-called invasive species all over the world.
Being slim and sleek would allow it to go where other devices can be awkward or invasive.
Although it is widely ignored, there is sound scientific evidence that prenatal ultrasound is neither non-invasive nor risk-free.
The procedure was simple and far less invasive than grafting blood vessels to replace the diseased coronary arteries.
But this invasive and risky test is seldom done because the diagnosis can be reliably established on clinical grounds alone.
Babies don't do well when they're wired up to bulky patches so non-invasive monitoring devices have a lot of value.
Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure with both risks and benefits, thus requiring informed consent.
Considered to be an invasive species, they graze native plants to the point of local extinction.
Outlines biological, chemical, and mechanical control methods for invasive plants.
Pathways that contribute to the spread of invasive species.
Provides general resources for prevention for invasive species.
Provides access to scientific journal articles or abstracts for invasive plants.
Provides general publications and reports relating to invasive plants.
Provides newsletters pertaining to invasive plants.
Provides access to scientific journal articles or abstracts for invasive animals.
Provides comprehensive information about invasive plants.
Contains general publications and reports relating to invasive animals.
Describes databases available online related to invasive plants.
Describes databases available online related to invasive plant species.
Contains information on the prevention of invasive aquatic species.
Provides general publications and reports relating to invasive animals.

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