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Example sentences for invaluable

Priceless may either mean invaluable or of no value.
The results can be startlingly accurate and have proved invaluable in rescuing missing children.
The area's immense variety of fish and resistance to coral bleaching make it an invaluable marine wilderness.
Learn how technology today can help protect this invaluable resource.
Such adaptive traits are invaluable not only to local farmers but also to commercial breeders elsewhere in the world.
In the face of all that disbelief, having that support network was invaluable.
Pocket-pack tissues and wet wipes are invaluable for public toilets.
Marriage, quite aside from parentage, also gives two people invaluable experience.
The testing on these animals is both cruel and invaluable.
To me that is invaluable and explains why people stand by and let others come to harm.
Knowledge of a supernova's predecessors could prove invaluable.
Being able to see how an interdisciplinary committee selected grant winners was an invaluable experience.
Traditional colleges and universities continue to play an invaluable role in our society, all the more so as the world changes.
And for the president on the fund-raising circuit, humor can be an invaluable tool.
With preparation and practice, negotiation will become invaluable in other aspects of your life as well.
Taking a course on your campus can improve your writing and give you invaluable insights about your college.
It's an invaluable resource and deserves our full support.
Someone who has held the partner role and speaks from firsthand experience is also an invaluable resource.
But for a summer where six or seven weeks were spent on the road, it was invaluable.
Arts education is invaluable because it is holistic education.
Good science is an invaluable tool in humanity's progress and survival, and it cannot be ignored or suppressed for long.
Missionary trips provide invaluable services to some of the poorest people in the world.
Their dining and hotel guide books have become an invaluable resource for travelers across the country.
Particularly if you live in a port city, developing a relationship with a local travel agent can be invaluable.
Resource data about each site will prove invaluable when you plan future excursions.
The opportunity to give early information is an invaluable way of enhancing your service to your readership.
For the other times when you have to improvise, invoke rule three: situational awareness is invaluable.
When the market is tough, alumni are invaluable sources of internships, introductions and ultimately jobs.
Its breadth and depth make it an invaluable catalogue of global culture and social trends.
Further, even pure speculation provides invaluable information to markets.
Fixed rates have proved invaluable in cutting inflation where it had been out of control.
It was a spine-stiffening, yet invaluable experience.
Adaptability will prove invaluable when things go wrong.
For the scientific detectives who study meteorites, this variability is invaluable.
Those who make it have faced their limits and learnt how to learn, which is invaluable.
IT costs nothing and is invaluable to your neighbor.
For the country's consumer-electronics makers, this vibrant home market is an invaluable development laboratory.
Bioluminescence can also be used to tag viruses-a technique that is proving invaluable for studying diseases.
Most people who work in finance are competent professionals with years of experience and invaluable contacts.
Despite the stigmatization that these financial instruments have received, they all serve an invaluable purpose in our economy.
But the experiences taught me the essential differences between luxuries and necessities, which proved invaluable later in life.
Even with its frank slant, the picture is invaluable on two counts.
These glimpses alone comprise a record that is invaluable.
When a crime is committed over a telephone line, this information is invaluable.
Such ultradense nano arrays could prove invaluable in discovering new drugs or diagnosing disease.
Sometimes the benefits to our members are less tangible but still invaluable.
There is no price for that, it is quite literally invaluable.
He was absolutely invaluable to the bureau because of his skills, his innate talent, and his relentless nature.
By the second book, she had become an invaluable resource and aid in helping me fabricate a world.
Such dependency can be detrimental to one's self-esteem, but it's been invaluable as a writer.
His memoir is invaluable for its flavor, all the more so because it has no irony, no designs upon the reader.
She provided invaluable information on her species' social life and mating habits.
Kudos to you and your students for giving the kids such an invaluable experience.
Peer-reviewed scientific papers are, of course, invaluable in any field.
Some of them are invaluable for controlling pests and keeping water clean.
These early warnings are invaluable for preventing baseless speculations while simultaneously catalysing formal investigations.
Because the atmosphere was an intimate one--in which he seemed to function best--the results are invaluable.
To that end, such voicing concerns could be invaluable.
It's invaluable for idea generation, public thinking, and story promotion.
But those giant presses and barrels of ink and fleets of delivery trucks were never what made newspapers invaluable.
Yelp's eponymous chatter on the street can seem an invaluable resource for knowing what customers think.
These sites have become invaluable sources of information about controversial political matters.
They proved to be invaluable in putting this together.
Your personal skills and kindness in handling all the stuff was invaluable.
Your personal training and kindness in controlling the whole thing was invaluable.
But if you can do the act of writing for them, and keep coming up with new things, that will make you invaluable.
There is growing opposition among parents to these lists, but recruiters consider them invaluable.
Of course it is also an invaluable resource for research and fact checking.
By the environmentalist's accounting, they're invaluable because nature has a worth all its own.
Letting the world see him chew gum and fidget with his pencils was an invaluable example.
Yet the true unearthed treasures of this invaluable set are the newsreels, cartoons and fiction films from the dawn of movies.
Such babies could be an invaluable source for organs and tissues for other needy infants.
Invaluable contributions to the successful transfer of operating responsibilities from large to small companies.
For others, riding with furry friends is an invaluable public transit perk.
And will prove subtly invaluable the next time you find yourself in a new situation, trying to fit in.
It's an invaluable revelation that has yet to be incorporated into our approach to foreign policy and national security.

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