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Example sentences for invalidate

If a liar tells us that lying is wrong, this makes him a hypocrite, but it does not invalidate his claim.
But that confluence of interest doesn't necessarily invalidate the findings.
But these setbacks do not invalidate the notion of collective action.
It doesn't invalidate the estimates to make these allowances.
Any arrogance they may be prone to, though, doesn't invalidate the fearless physicists' insights.
The following, however, are some of the laws and practices that the amendment expected to invalidate.
The trial judge rejected his motion to suppress the evidence and invalidate his arrest.
But even critics say the persistence of a smell does not invalidate the technology.
The horse would invalidate the whole premise of the prologue, which invites the audience to use its imagination.
Their line of thinking would not only invalidate almost all patents, but all copyright as well.
Alterations such as erasures, correction fluid and strike-outs are unacceptable and will invalidate the form.
Skipping sections of the ballot does not invalidate your ballot.
We cannot invalidate on the basis of multiple reasons, this indicates you are unsure why the sample was total coliform found.
Any fishing-induced mortality on the rockfish at this location could invalidate the results of the experiment.

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