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Example sentences for invalid

It causes us to move from our incorrect understanding to utterly invalid conclusions.
The patents were declared invalid by a federal judge.
He had been much of an invalid, but he never lost for long his courage or his buoyancy.
Indeed this invalid concept of inertial frames proves both the loss of simultaneity and the negation of it.
Her yellow fever vaccination card had been stamped by rebel health authorities, and so was invalid, the officials tut-tutted.
The difference in light intensity makes that an invalid comparison.
The argument is invalid, the conclusion does not follow from the premises.
They argue that the patent is invalid because it restricts free speech and free thought.
Over the next few years she progressively got worse and became a total invalid, needing a wheelchair to move around in the house.
OK, so you are going to claim that my conclusions are invalid without actually doing any research yourself.
Your lack of response doesn't make my question invalid, and it still doesn't get you off the hook to respond to it.
Saying that its application to a non-evolutionary origin of life is not invalid is also bad science.
Ford contended that the patent was invalid because the windshield system contained no new concepts.

Famous quotes containing the word invalid

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Are you jealous of her? Will you refuse to come till I have sent Her terribly away, importantly live Part invalid<... more
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