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They are definitely aware when you can see them and are less likely to invade your space when they know they have been seen.
Voracious, venomous lionfish are the first exotic species to invade coral reefs.
If humans didn't make it so easy for them, invasive fire ants wouldn't invade.
After multiplying, the microbes break out of the cell and go on to invade other cells, repeating the process.
They eat natural bark and stems, and have been known to invade campgrounds and chew on canoe paddles.
In addition to becoming immortal, cancer cells invade the surrounding tissue, rendering it nonfunctional.
And morning light seems to invade the still night village.
Somebody should really invade that country and prevent that sort of thing.
Consider, though, what it means to invade that technological space.
Then the aliens come back with a bunch of their friends and invade, attacking five of the world's largest cities.
Beyond our borders, more organisms are poised to invade.
It asked itself what would happen if sin and conscience should invade these charming precincts.
But the animals dramatically modify the abundance and diversity of plants and animals in the ecosystems they invade.
With sea ice less predominant in the system, both spatially and temporally, other species will invade the system.
Weeds can invade complex native ecosystems and destroy biodiversity.
Meteorologists warn of more floods, as giant storm surges can ride in on higher tides to invade the city.
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos will invade the foundations of quantum mechanics and elementary particle physics.
The results can be interpreted as an index of governmental willingness to invade privacy.
Unfortunately, nonnative species often invade an area, forcing out native plants and animals.
It cannot invade news text or impede the flow of copy.
Hotspots have cooled, only for violence to invade places previously considered safe.
One is that big western companies will move in and invade his niches.
That's better than having to invade other nations militarily and collecting war reparations as in the imperialist days.
The treatment increases blood flow into tumors, allowing chemotherapy drugs to more easily invade cancer cells.
Some cancer cells are able to invade into the circulation.
When they are growing abundantly, ramps will often invade otherwise cultivatable land.
It is not until they re-emerge in the bloodstream and invade the blood cells that symptoms appear.
Immune cells called macrophages, the janitors of the body, invade the site to clean up.
If the real virus later tries to invade, it will be smartly repulsed.
Sepsis is what can happen when bacteria invade the bloodstream.
Viruses are always on the prowl for hosts to invade.
If they invade another group's patch, their distance from home can greatly outweigh the benefits of a large party.
Experiments have shown that when pathogens invade a mouse's gut, the diversity of its residents drops.
Even if it is perfectly obvious, distant consequences rarely invade our immediate actions.
If not, please don't come here and invade us, even though your planet is dying.
Without strong forestry policies, squatters will invade forest land and poachers will log at the edges.
Including your thought processes about how people by getting jobs invade your space and wallet.
Robots may not invade anytime soon, but there's no denying that they're getting smarter.
New technologies make it much easier for the government to invade citizens' privacy.
Malignant tumor cells invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body.
Over time, the cancer may invade more deeply into the stomach wall.
Merozoites derived from the first-generation invade small capillaries and blood vessels, becoming second-generation schizonts.
Over time, the cancer may invade more deeply into the esophagus and nearby tissues.
Cells from benign tumors do not invade the tissues around them.

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