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Some critics believe investors have become inured to the hefty payouts.
The full professors turn a callous eye toward this grieving process, having many years ago become inured to such losses.
Most people are inured to authoritarian rule as a fact of life.
In the past, many aid organizations have focused their recruiting efforts on finding staff perceived to be inured to hardship.
The pictures may shock when first viewed, but the shock definitely wears off and people become inured to it.
Of late auction houses have become somewhat inured to seeing their wares fall shy of the mark.
They were ready to accept a difficult transition and were inured to a certain level of violence.
The guilty, then, either sought pain out or were inured to it.
Apparently inured to the crackle of gunfire, tenants of the building did not report the killings until nine hours later.
Television viewers have become inured to accounts of the agonies of war, but a few incidents do stand out.
Viewers inured to scenes of chaos can sometimes be moved by the disorienting sight of commonplace objects transformed by violence.
Yet nobody seems to worry that adults are becoming inured to excellence.
The subtext is how mankind is inured to horror, which becomes a news break between television commercials.
Viewers long ago became inured to the blurring of news and entertainment.
And there is the possibility of issuing so many alerts that people become inured to the danger.
And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.
People are stuck on a treadmill: as they achieve a better standard of living, they become inured to its pleasures.
Most striking of all, to those inured to the sight of such places through photography, is the smell.
But there must be a better way than the flailing and failing to which all have become inured.
The countless dead and dying as a result of the earthquake have inured residents of this city to something as petty as homicide.
It must then be said that a benefit inured to the taxpayer to the extent of his commissions.
In determining whether a benefit has inured, courts will broadly interpret this requirement.
Initiate life-saving actions and coordinate with appropriate authorities for the evacuation of inured or deceased employees.

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