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Example sentences for inundated

Last year's flood disaster also inundated coal mines, pushing up coal prices.
Sinkholes can occur when underground rocks that can be dissolved by water-such as salt, gypsum, and limestone-are inundated.
Rescue and rehabilitation centers have been inundated with refugees from these fires and from the illegal animal trade.
The waves kept coming all night long, and for the first few hours they repeatedly inundated the three-story building.
Rising sea level has inundated their gardens and washed away their beaches.
The blogosphere has been inundated with people mocking the new salutation and proposing alternative greetings.
If inundated by chloride ions, as a result of corrosion by salt water, their conductivity increases.
Since then, she has been inundated with calls from around the world.
We have always been inundated with them, but now more than ever.
If customer service is inundated with complaints, everyone in the company should know about it.
For years, health officials have warned that kids were being inundated with commercials about not-so-healthy foods.
After all, he's not exactly being inundated with interview requests.
The land that is inundated by water is defined as a floodplain.
Floodplain delineation maps showing model results including inundated areas and depth of water will be produced.
The entire first floor was inundated by the tidal surge.
Areas below the dam that were modeled as inundated were corrected by the city engineer.
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