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Example sentences for inundate

It is now being turned back into floodplain to absorb floodwaters that might otherwise inundate cities upstream.
Many will be lost with the resumption of the dam project, which is expected to inundate a third of the ancient city.
They bathe in gasoline and inundate their homes with pesticides.
And by the middle of this month, seasonal monsoons are expected to further inundate the region.
They can inundate coastal communities with violent flooding.
Flood waters will inundate much of the valley and many roads.
Deep and swift flood waters will inundate residential and business areas and numerous roads.
The eggs are guarded by females and hatch after autumn rains inundate the nest sites forming temporary pools.
Sea-level rise could inundate and damage coastal infrastructure in low-lying areas or make it more vulnerable to storm surges.
Over time, new vegetation grows on these surfaces, and more lava flows inundate the area.
Large, heavy winter storms often inundate creeks and streams, flooding local communities.
Flood protection levees were not repaired to allow future flood waters to inundate the area and reduce flood damage downstream.
Rainfall is infrequent, but sudden downpours occasionally inundate the land.

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