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Insight and intuition are qualities linked to this color.
Her understanding of her husband is a result both of her intuition and of the years she spent with him.
Only his errors preserve the doubts, quirks, and prejudices that fed his intuition.
That's why you run the model: human intuition often fails.
The intuition here is simple: if there is selection for large males, there will be selection for large daughters indirectly.
At first his intuition, molded by decades of experience, recoiled from the thought.
Mathematicians have strong intuitions about all sorts of objects, and often fuel this intuition by mental pictures.
In subsequent years, he proved himself to be a chemist of brilliance and intuition.
Many of the sample sizes are small, but they align with our intuition.
If you are going to argue about being completely rational here, you have to quantify this intuition.
My intuition and observations suggest that the answer is: highly ubiquitous.
The two researchers explain that our decisions are governed by both conscious, deliberate choices and unconscious intuition.
Humans have an intuition about essences, and the idea of evolution contravenes our expectation of invariant essences.
Human intuition trumped mechanical number-crunching.
All you need to see my work is to bring your own intuition and sunlight.
She goes off a rhythm and a feeling and an intuition.
Those, who are willing to allow facts to overcome intuition, learn something.
Our intuition tells us there's a difference between innate advantages and acquired ones.
He felt uncomfortable with any fixed ideological position, relying instead on intuition.
Then, at a point of near-total hopelessness and emotional desolation, he experienced another mystical intuition.
Indeed, as a common-sense intuition, this strikes many people as obvious.
She manages by intuition, observers say, which is perhaps why her government remains somewhat disorderly.
Statistics and simple arithmetic tell us more about ourselves than expert intuition.
Intuition warns him that he is betraying himself, acting against his higher interests.
His efforts to discern a higher purpose reflect, he hints, more an intuition or conjecture than a real argument.
All these matters are not amenable to study but can be achieved only through an act of intuition.
The intuition of baseball aficionados has been vindicated.
With real evidence in hand, doctors could begin to base standards of care more on science than on intuition.
With an intuition and courage that were typical of her, she even thought she would get the part.
At the age of twenty-six he was already guided by his philosophical leanings as well as by his keen intuition.
Maybe she would confirm a long suspicion and have newfound confidence in her intuition.
The first step is an intuition-and come with a burst, then difficulties arise.
They inevitably turn on judgments shaped by faith, moral reasoning, and intuition.
Intuition and creativity are also integral to his work.
But this week's discussions have made me rethink my intuition about names on social networks.
As intuition suggests, higher temperatures mean shorter roast times.
Presently, our intuition is that transparency and disclosure are the best policies.
Intuition tells me that the singular makes grammatical sense.
They need the advice and intuition of other entrepreneurs.
Much of the discussion in this book is about biases of intuition.
Pay attention to intuition when making plans this year.
Follow intuition and a friend's advice regarding a conflict between home and career.
Embrace your originality, and listen to your intuition.
Trust your intuition for powerful business decisions.
Your intuition is right on target, so follow that thread where it leads.
Trust your intuition, and listen to what your body wants.
Your strong intuition has you anticipating them in a subtle dance.
Trust your intuition and be willing to accept change.
If you have good reasons other than your vague intuition to doubt these charges, let's hear them.
The cases have tended to rely on judicial intuition rather than on data, and the intuitions are sometimes out of date.
The first is to use one's intuition, an estimate, an educated guess if you wish.
Basic intuition: a subsidised deposit insurance scheme increases rents for successful bankers.

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