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Extreme care must be taken not to let them catch a glimpse of the intruder, for it is then hopeless to attempt approaching them.
The owner, upset about an intruder in his home, also called the emergency line to report the burglary.
The indictment suggested that the dog would have barked at an unknown intruder.
It is primarily designed to enable an intruder to hijack online bank accounts.
If you act as if the noise is caused by an intruder you will be better prepared to protect your family if there is an intruder.
The turtle lifts its head to take a look at this intruder, then lowers it back into the sea.
When the burros spotted me, all six froze, staring up at the two-legged intruder.
Without hesitation, she challenged me, an intruder more than three times her height.
Soon several more robots arrived to form a perimeter around the pink intruder.
The rat opened the door for a live intruder to get on the network, escalate user privileges, and begin exfiltrating data.
With all the tracking expertise in camp, no one thought to track the intruder.
The intruder was hiding something in the underbrush, or looking for something hidden there.
The mollusk instead coats the intruder with nacre, the secretion used to make its shell, forming a pearl.
Indeed, so complete is their ignorance that when a kitten strays into the garden it is treated as a savage intruder.
Wally gave no evidence of thinking himself a rough intruder or a devious conniver after my happiness.
The strep provokes an antibody response that mistakes the sufferer's own heart muscle and valves for the strep intruder.
It is the principle that one would use a hand grenade to defend one's home against an armed intruder.
The intruder is unfamiliar, but when you try to chase it away, it undergoes a startling transformation.
But each monkey still threatens its mirror image as it would a macaque intruder.
We were certain someone had been through the yard and stalked around looking for an intruder.
He had no way of knowing who the intruder was, if he was armed, or what his intentions might have been.
These charges were brought after he shot a home intruder.
While she remained in her bed, the intruder went to other rooms in the house.
The quiet intruder that does not bombard our networks with useless traffic and in fact does not want to be noticed.

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