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Meanwhile publishers have moved to offer introductory discounts on some books.
For example, an instructor's reaction to students' questions in an introductory course.
Here's an introductory sample of the range of arguments, after two crucial stage-setting explanations.
It always astonishes me that this isn't drilled into graduate students as part of an introductory course.
My job is to open the conference with an introductory talk that hits on some of the big questions.
After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher.
More than a third of consumers pick one credit card over another based on which issuer has the lowest introductory interest rate.
One company that has been hailed by some as revolutionizing introductory courses might have an answer.
Students were graduating as paralegals who could barely complete an introductory college essay.
But if you fail to pay the balance before the introductory offer expires, you could end up with even more debt.
Some credit card issuers offer a low introductory rate to induce customers to sign up.
The introductory theme in the orchestra was laid out in beautifully contoured phrases.

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Popular cinema cooperates with desire for reverie rather than opposing it. This is why mass-audience movies are so consc... more
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