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First, the biggest increase in life expectancy pre-dated the introduction of national health-care systems.
To learn why, click here for an introduction to the features.
It is also true that the introduction of big money has permanently changed vertebrate paleontology.
Great introduction to sparkling wine, and a fine photo gallery.
You're trying to solve the mystery posed in the book's introduction.
One group of children had a strictly pedagogical introduction.
Deforestation and the introduction of dogs, cats and mongooses that eat solenodons threaten to drive the critters to extinction.
It is amazing how much interest that this new introduction has sparked ps.
What has changed is not the introduction of profits but the introduction of cost controls.
With the introduction of the bayonet, each soldier could be both pikeman and musketeer.
These serve as a lucid introduction to the theory and practice of development.
The concept is nothing new: before the introduction of chemicals into agriculture, all farming could have been considered organic.
Think of a résumé as a compelling introduction of your experiences and skills as they relate to a particular career or job.
It provides a solid introduction to fresh water in an accessible and reader-friendly manner.
The introduction of the program coincided with the economy tanking, and it was not as popular as expected.
The introduction of the euro next year will cut a swathe through them.
The law is popular with those who support the rapid introduction of new clean technology.
With democracy and the chaotic introduction of a market economy, the herds were privatised.
Some are an abbreviated introduction to journals databases and the mysteries of inter-library loan.
Your introduction should immediately precede a speaker.
Nina is one of the biggest stars, as well as my introduction to so many others.
The book is conceived of as a comprehensive introduction to these techniques, from the basic to the baroque.
They will be disappointed, and the book's introduction tries to ward off such expectations.
Students should read the introduction and the sections on sea turtles and sharks.
The book is structured as two essays with a lengthy joint introduction.
Further pain, including a broadening of the tax base and the introduction of water charges, may be on the way.
The first is that, in urban areas, the introduction of the programme has left some people worse off.
But the biggest change has been the introduction of the touchscreen across all models.
With the introduction of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides the soils have become depleted of essential nutrients.
Let us also know that environmental pollution also include the introduction of strange cells into a strange habitat.
There have been numerous other opossum introduction events across the west as well.
If the research fails, it is because the method of introduction and sustenance is flawed.
While ever individuals can possibly own or control the resource big business will oppose introduction.
Literally identical, except for a small introduction.
If you don't know what scrapple is, let this serve as a brief introduction.
Sometimes, however, it is expedient to precede the topic sentence by one or more sentences of introduction or transition.
We do have an amazing panel that, frankly, needs no introduction.
T here is a good-news-bad-news rhythm to the introduction of any pervasive new technology.
The introduction of so-called smart shopping carts should make this possible.
Pinon and the rest of the group called for the immediate introduction of heat-treated products, imported from abroad if necessary.
Your introduction lacked poignancy because you threw it out there without thinking about it.
They cover topics from introduction to wine to how-to-taste to wine and cheese.
Marlon's enjoyment of the preseason stands in direct contrast to my introduction.

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