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Recently rose growers introduced own-root climbers and floribundas.
And daisy-flowered mums have been introduced in colors that range from deep ruby red to amber.
Between gardens, he introduced me to two of his favorite food resources.
Drivers began making camping alterations to cars almost as soon as they were introduced.
Among other accomplishments, the emperor standardized weights and measures and introduced a uniform writing script.
Bright introduced us to some of her personal favorites.
To fuel their added brain power, these hominids probably introduced new energy-rich foods to their diet.
Gentlemen always shake hands when they are introduced to each other.
The book which was introduced by this dedication laid the foundations of modern astronomy.
He introduced radical changes into its spelling and pronunciation, but he showed little understanding of its direction and genius.
It is a breath of natural drama introduced into what is essentially undramatic.
Character writers had introduced their portraits with a pointed or fanciful definition.
Generally the name is recorded of the member who introduced a main motion, but not of the seconder.
Manipulation of habitat and the high populations of the introduced fire ant are believed to be key factors in the decline.
Students will be introduced to physical features on the map.
Introduced species of fish can harm ecosystems in a number of ways.
Not all exotic species are introduced to the ecosystem by accident.
Its nests weren't vandalized, nor was it suddenly preyed upon by a newly introduced predator.
Introduced species often find no natural enemies in their new habitat.
Common house mice were introduced to the island more than a century ago.
Invasive species or non-native species can be introduced accidentally or intentionally.
When high concentrations of shark scent were introduced to the tanks, there was no noticeable increase in bubbles or sound.
The new methodology introduced this year was applied to all years shown.
The trustees' report also outlines a number of policies that will be changed or introduced as a result of the investigation.
The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray.
No group of minds can accurately determine the effects of an introduced bio-control.
Invasive species are being introduced from exotic landscaping features being planted around homes.
Tell that to the parents of children being introduced to crack by a repeat offender.
Loss of habitat, the effects of introduced species and overexploitation are all key threats.
They then introduced genes into the cells until they found one that restored receptor production.
The scientists also studied the brains of lone males who had recently been introduced to new mates.
He also introduced the idea of management by objectives, aiming for long-term goals by setting a series of short-term ones.
Other changes could then be introduced to make up the gap in revenue.
We don't yet know what parts of the challenged statements will be introduced.
But it is, in fact, quite normal for successful technologies to cause concern when they are first introduced.
Lately the paranoia has spread to the smart meters being introduced by electrical utilities in various parts of the world.
And this month fresh measures were introduced with the widespread roll-out of full-body scanners.
In this case, to prove the point, the gene they introduced was for green fluorescent protein-a molecule derived from jellyfish.
It introduced a subscription model that allowed customers to watch and return movies at their own pace.
It has built a single market and introduced a single currency, opened national boundaries, and forged peace between former rivals.
Stats climbed when deregulatory policies were introduced to boost farm production, but they've finally stalled.
The ideas introduced were revolutionary at the time: global cooperation, acceptance of foreign values, and equality of races.
One evident factor in the rethinking of intelligence is the perspective introduced by scholars who are not psychologists.
Cats were quickly introduced to keep the rodents from precious food stores.
We also take out feral cats and rabbits, both species introduced to this country, both doing enormous damage if not controlled.
When the compressed material was introduced into laboratory tanks, the spines of sea urchins and the shells of mollusks dissolved.
That's one new problem you've introduced, and another is that a light scalar field should interact with ordinary matter.
Many other habitats were overrun by introduced pigs and rats.
Automakers, well aware of these statistics, have introduced some impressive driver de-idiotizing systems over the years.
It implies that the non-addicted sibling might fall to drug addiction if introduced to a drug.
Certainly, scientists have come a long way in the two decades since the idea of quantum cryptography was introduced.
Lyric has introduced a fundamentally new kind of microchip that is based on probabilities rather than binary logic.
The key to the new design is the way in which fuel and air are separately introduced into the engine cylinders.
T here was a time when medicine and chemical engineering hadn't been properly introduced.
Last month, the company introduced a version of the technology for outdoor use.
The master is removed, and another material introduced, which is formed by the mold into a replica of the original shape.
Already three-dimensional transistors and three-dimensional memory chips have been introduced.
Today, we're introduced to another data set that makes possible a bold prediction about the future.
Bacteria or yeast are introduced to the sugar solution, which they convert to ethanol.
The prospect of radiation introduced a threat all its own, as invisible as the tsunami was vivid, and throbbing with history.
She introduced us, and we've hung out since and become friends.
Noxious fumes would be introduced to his room causing his eyes and nose to run.
Horne first introduced this legislation last summer.
We were introduced to the echo chamber many are now familiar with.
In addition, they believed that the safeguards they introduced against public sector imbalances were adequate.
It is unlikely that the five thousand and more changes he has introduced will excite great controversy.
Most important of all, however, is the wager with the reader introduced in the first line.
In the process he had introduced a new dramatic form to modern theater: the confessional monologue.

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