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Introduce yourself or ask a mutual colleague to help you make connections.
They are going to have to introduce some large scale commercial type farmers.
Introduce them to the different ocean layers, and describe a few things about each layer.
But sometimes conversations from laymen can help introduce food for thought.
Don't be afraid to introduce bright red to a traditional home.
But this got me thinking about ways to introduce the little guy to epic stories of ancient heroes.
They think that adjustments made to the raw data introduce a warming bias.
Expertly developed to introduce the basics of reading.
Some cultures have age-old traditions that introduce babies to the community by way of a naming ceremony.
Use a wire whisk attachment to introduce air into the whites evenly, creating tiny, strong bubbles.
Labour unions introduce rigidity into labour markets.
Introduce children to the world with educational maps and globes.
They are expected to introduce the product next week.
Allow me to introduce you to the game that caused you to not get any work done today.
Introduce ladybugs to eat aphids, plant marigolds to keep beetles away and keep weeds down with fast-growing plants.
Let me introduce you to a new disease: single gene dolichocephaly.
The new wireless systems introduce a range of other complex issues.
Introduce yourself to the physics of gamma-ray bursts, with links to both technical and nontechnical papers about the subject.
If there is enough demand, the company may introduce a lower-priced version for consumers, the company said.
People continue to accidentally introduce species to new ranges today.
Those motivated to introduce change are not usually motivated to consider any consequences, anyway.
At a social gathering, it is quite common to go around the room or table shaking hands with everyone as you introduce yourself.
First, let me introduce the scientific meaning of temperature: it is a measure of the energy content of matter.
First, introduce the theories as ways of focusing on a particular aspect of a text.
If she has to introduce him, she says she loves him and hopes you will vote for him.
Write out the names of the people as if they were at a table when they introduce themselves.
Repeat the process to introduce the other key concept vocabulary.
Cross-selling is not the occasion to introduce a brand new product.
In an effort to widen the tax base, the government proposes to introduce a new property tax.
Introduce the concept of cultural diffusion-the spread of elements from one culture to another.
Depends on how much theory you want to introduce to your students and what your approach is.
Information technology helped in their efforts to introduce good knowledge-management practices.
Introduce shelter as one of the basic human needs, something that people must have in order to survive.
On some rare occasions you may get lucky and have the dept chair in attendance and get the opportunity to introduce yourself.
First, the researchers had to introduce their monkeys to the idea of a cash economy.
Introduce to students the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift with a simple, hands-on experiment.
At the first meeting, or before, introduce yourself to everyone you see in the halls of your building.
Although ministers can introduce bills and speak in the legislature, they may not be members of either house.
Introduce each land and water form below by giving its name and basic description.
Introduce more regulation, they are fantastically capable of handling that challenge.
Local lawmakers rushed to introduce emergency legislation banning the use of cyclotrons in home businesses.
Introduce to students the concept of public lands from the overview above.
Introduce students to current theories about how salmon find their way to their streams of birth.
Today, humans introduce thousands of times that amount of phosphite through the corrosion of steel and rusting of old cars.
However high relative motions introduce non synchronous frame skipping and red shifts.
The more richly informed he is, the more he is tempted to introduce facts not strictly related to his dominant thought.
Said to be the first to introduce pictures in a daily paper.
Though they introduce some rival commodities into the old market, they open many new markets to its produce.
It's you who want to introduce beggars into my family.
In this age the quiet surface of routine is as often ruffled by attempts to resuscitate past evils, as to introduce new benefits.
Effective online courses should introduce instructional content solely on the merit of its value in aiding the learning process.
Sometimes treating the ordinal variable as a continuous variable, however, does not introduce much error.
If students have not yet learned about why seasons occur, this would be a good time to introduce them to this concept.
Introduce the idea of life on a river by asking students to list stories that take place on a river.
If students are not already familiar with the concept of a watershed, briefly introduce the topic.
In this activity, you will introduce the concept of globalization.
Introduce your students to the skills that scientists use in the field.
Allow us to introduce ten incredible individuals who made our year in adventure.
More efficient cookstoves are the accepted solution, but it has been difficult to introduce them widely.
Warren plans to introduce the presumptive nominees together and then to interview each for an hour.
Age-old questions defy a full accounting, and new discoveries introduce new questions.
She has also helped introduce the scientific method into archaeological studies.
Imagine the efficiencies and stability that this could introduce into the market.
Legislators can't even introduce their own bills without written permission from the chief executive.
After the six-week test, the airline may introduce it at other airports.
It began selling some organic foods in the spring and will introduce others this fall.
Foreign companies are also being asked to introduce cleaner coal technologies.
And by giving special treatment to some industries, the measures introduce distortions.
More interesting are the entrepreneurs who innovate, who introduce something new into the world.
Other countries should also reconsider plans to expand or introduce such lines.
The ruling applies only to intellectual-property rights, and does not introduce any ethical ban on experiments.
Separating the hardware and the software also speeds development, making it much easier and cheaper to introduce new games.
Several countries now expect to introduce a systemic-risk regulator.
Commercial fleets are a logical place to introduce battery-powered electric vehicles.
The needle is used to introduce small anchors into the heart and affix them to the tissue around the mitral valve.
Mathematical features of that can reveal the people who introduce new information on a particular topic that spreads widely.
The day they introduce a four-color version is the day this thing will revolutionize the computer display industry.
Geostationary satellites introduce a delay that many find intolerable.
For some reason they obsess on viruses, when they introduce their focus as malware.
The company will officially introduce it at department-store counters at the end of the month.
If opposed, both would introduce political considerations which their generals could not counter.
He was the first one to introduce psychology to villains and give them a real point of view.
Allow me to introduce you this thing called science.
Perhaps the implementation of complex integrated processing systems might introduce additional system reliability issues.
It is a superb way to introduce students to combinatorial mathematics, game theory, symmetry and probability.
Interbreeding would also potentially introduce other diseases into the population.
But social bots introduce new scale: they run off a server at practically no cost, and can reach thousands of people.
For others, the goal is to introduce their children to the hobby.
In this way, the aliens will be able to introduce their stuff and make the preparations for replacing human beings.
Fasting is the perfect way to introduce new healthy habits and foods into your life.
Introduce a new character and try to make me care about watching her die.
Ask the manager to introduce you either inside or outside the company.

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