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And the sea's silty, cold waters made visibility almost nonexistent for the intrepid few who wanted to explore the medieval ruins.
Only time and more fossils will reveal who these intrepid travelers were and why they left their motherland.
Intrepid biologists attach a digital acoustic tag to a pilot whale.
It's a great book that combines biography, natural history, and intrepid on-the-ground reporting.
The entrepreneur was more adventurous, by far, than the designer-an intrepid pioneer of self-promotion.
But it was brought back under control with the help of some intrepid and creative vaccination strategies.
But it wasn't until the intrepid bacteria returned home that scientists could measure the real effects of space.
As soon as our intrepid cameraman zooms out, which minimises the effects of cameraman-induced motion, the light steadies.
Those at home will probably never know anything about what happened to the intrepid explorers.
Both intrepid, they went off the usual course into the woods, and from that day on skied together as much as they could.
The intrepid naturalists of yore weren't always super-rich, but they were certainly well off.
Endless intrepid photographers and dogged tourists have been shooting the same picture from the same spot up on the terraces.
Meet this intrepid mountaineer and share her odysseys to the world's highest places.
Yet the intrepid visitor can still reach amazing places that are untrammeled, if not untouched.
But next week, a select intrepid few will have the opportunity to play the full game before it hits stores.
But despite the athletic feat of these intrepid travelers, their existence is a frail one.
But even in a population of intrepid adrenaline addicts, finding recruits for that mission might be a wee bit tough.
One intrepid reporter even posed as a bag lady to provide a new angle on the story.

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