intransigence in a sentence

Example sentences for intransigence

Intransigence and unrealism are bipartisan afflictions.
His intransigence seems only to be increasing his popularity.
Their intransigence is baffling, given the inevitability and possible calamity of further hits.
And they are noticing a new intransigence when they try to have unusual charges waived.
With intransigence no longer an option, the tobacco boys began some serious backpedaling.
His intransigence ultimately led to the court order against him, she said.
But there is another reason for the premier's intransigence.
Some of this intransigence is mere posturing, with both sides attempting to size one another up after the mid-terms.
But, for the moment, the euro gives all parties the luxury of intransigence.
There is no room for greed, hubris or intransigence from either side.
One excuse for such intransigence comes from the messy transition now taking place in the insurance markets.
And despite the intransigence, there's a fundamental reason for optimism.
These days, pragmatism has given way to dogmatic intransigence.
Their mutual intransigence has cost them a month of games and hundreds of millions in revenue.
Intransigence is a recognized equitable ground for an award of attorney fees.
Time and intransigence remain the enemies of reasonable and affordable solutions.
But nothing's changed more than the evolution of a culture in which elected officials today are rewarded for intransigence.
Commerce's simple intransigence on this point does not merit further response.

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And I envy the intransigence of my own Countrymen who shoot to kill and never See the victim's face become ... more
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