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Example sentences for intramural

It's all about priorities, grand strategies, intramural disputes and lives lost with the loss of time.
Seven varsity athletic teams and six intramural sports complement the educational experience.
He will rejoin an organization upon which both law enforcers and its own intramural warfare have taken a heavy toll.
Club and intramural sports allow all the benefits of sports to accrue at far, far, lower costs.
The three intramural parks described below reflect my own preferences and haunts.
So the book's main drama takes the form of intramural e-mail squabbling among cabal members.
Stern must contend with his own intramural tensions, the yawning profitability between big and small markets.
Many prisons also have some form of intramural sports.
Strong and broadly built, he played intramural football and basketball there.
Near the end of the intramural debate over the policy, one critical change took place.
Instead of consensus, we've had a lot of intramural catfights between big-name economists.
In the intramural flash floods, coffins go out of their crypts and take off down the street.
At that point, the department's travails still qualified as an intramural matter.
Nevertheless, online critics have made an intramural sport of identifying the book's omissions.
For years, the capital-punishment debate has been sporadic and mainly intramural.
Last year, their teams won the university's intramural soccer, football and softball championships.
Symptoms were feigned, and our mothers wrote notes excusing our absences on the day of the intramural softball tournament.
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