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They are in fact powerful tools that can help people change bad behavior patterns, even those that seem intractable.
It was a brilliant simplification of an intractable problem.
Another reason is more intractable: the grandstanding politician.
People who live with intractable pain do become physically dependent on opiates when taken regularly.
Skepticism-true skepticism, not the intractable bias characteristic of denial-is absolutely fundamental to the scientific method.
The intractable complexities of fact produce the inevitable ambiguities of faith.
Contaminant control is intractable only if the bio reactor is open to the outside air and water supply, as in a pond.
And the discovery seemed to push some intractable opponents of this idea farther out on a limb.
Stem cell therapy is applicable to a small segment of unfortunate patients with intractable disease.
Now as then, the same intractable questions were avoided and in the end successfully evaded.
And for that seemingly intractable problem, he is getting some big-time help.
And sometimes a third factor makes the dilemma still more intractable: a warlord with absolutely no interest in peace.
Yet he has consistently used laws in novel ways to address wrongs that were in plain view but seemed intractable to others.
Unless the country acts to tackle this, its decline will become intractable-for three reasons.
And even the politics may not be totally intractable.
Their sins are now largely forgotten, thanks in part to the intractable controversy over the moral status of embryos.
They believe that intractable problems require imaginative solutions.
Whilst at the same time distracting attention away from intractable domestic affairs.
But for scientists, tracking birds as they perform those feats has been an intractable problem.
If they last longer than a month, they are termed intractable.
The issues, though, remain intractable and unrelenting.

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