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Example sentences for intonation

Read aloud with proper phrasing, inflection, and intonation.
The speaker's voice was agreeably deep, with a mystifying rough intonation at the edge.
And written words will never contain the vast subtleties of rhythm and intonation which are essential to any language.
He found, for example, that the listener's head and body movements tracked the intonation patters of the speaker's language.
Elsewhere, one could not help noting some roughness of technique and some faults of intonation.
He's none too impressed by some of the in-flight intonation he heard, either.
Her intonation is reliable and her musicality imbued with youthful freshness.
It could spot commonly used words as features of a particular conversation, or keep track of relevant changes in intonation.
So does her sense of pitch, heavily colored by blues intonation.
His phrasing and sense of harmony were rooted in be-bop, while his unconventional, highly personal intonation presaged free jazz.
Quick lines were slurred and intonation problems were abundant.
Her intonation was dependable, but sometimes compromised in its effect by a lack of fineness in her bowing.
Ideally, it embodied silken register shifts, true intonation and easily negotiated ornaments.
Use of dipping or questioning intonation at the end of a statement, which renders it less forceful.
Balances and intonation in the orchestra were also sometimes skewed.
She speaks with an aristocratic intonation, but is no snob.
But as a fellow poster has pointed out, actually they have already demonstrated it via the intonation.
It is too semantically capricious, too dependent on intonation.
Intonation is not particularly important, the grammar is fairly simple.
From his intonation on the recordings it is impossible to tell.
There were problems of intonation, cross-rhythms were fumbled, and the interpretation was plain.
Quiche material appears in phonemic transcription with intonation indicated.
It includes differences in individual sounds, sound patterns, and intonation.
Students immediately sound much more fluent when they get the intonation, stress, and reduction right.

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