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Example sentences for intolerant

Some of you are really slow today on posting the usual intolerant comments.
And, typically, consumers remain intolerant of power interruptions.
Coconut milk can also serve as the base of non-dairy ice creams for those lactose intolerant ice cream lovers.
Culture is quite similar to that of other camellias, except that plants seem intolerant of heavy pruning.
Llamas and alpacas are naturally inquisitive, and intolerant of intrusion into their space.
Those intolerant to the energy of molecular motion are advised to flee from the culinary laboratory.
They remain intolerant of those who smoke marijuana in private, and are increasingly hostile to those who smoke tobacco in public.
The fact that you refuse to refer to her as a her is intolerant.
So the main purpose of this bill is to allow lawmakers to make a statement about how intolerant of intolerance they are.
The entire tone of your post is intolerant and dismissive.
The guerrillas are intolerant of criticism and angry at journalists.
There are always sections of society that will be intolerant.
Backed by a two-thirds majority in parliament, the government is increasingly intolerant of dissent.
He dislikes opposition and is intolerant of criticism.
The family you are planning to enter seems pretty rigid and intolerant.
Cashin was intolerant of anything ugly, in appearance or design.
Bush was intolerant of confrontations and in-depth debate.
Perhaps it was because the senator had grown intolerant of the speculation about the state of his private life.
Amazingly his longwinded intolerant and racist rant doesn't answer any of the questions raised.
No one wants to be accused of being intolerant or a racist.
He was the nail on the board that stuck his head out, and he got hammered by an intolerant regime.
Instead, they vented their hatred of dogmatism and intolerance in personalities so insolent as to become in themselves intolerant.
The ranchers used to be really responsible stewards, but they tend to be intolerant of predators.

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