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She has complained that the dean has imposed his plans on the faculty and that he has ruled by intimidation.
Independent observers talked of ballot stuffing and intimidation.
The queen keeps the rest from mating by sheer intimidation.
It re-introduces a culture of informality into the workplace, where intimidation will undoubtedly flourish.
Censorship and intimidation have been the standard way of doing things.
With siblings and peers, he tends toward verbal and physical intimidation.
At which, commerce can go on, people go about their daily lives without enormous intimidation.
Where intimidation failed to work, as it often has, tanks rumbled on to the streets.
Tyranny today no longer requires armed intimidation.
There could be some residual intimidation that ices the rational idea, too, but who could know.
And he should let the police and courts pursue those who used violence and intimidation during the election campaign.
Employing fear and intimidation to stifle speech and debate.
In the event, there were few complaints of fraud, but intimidation and vote-buying were much in evidence.
In the event, and with a little voter intimidation in certain areas, this boycott call was a resounding success.
It is unclear how bad the intimidation and ballot-stuffing actually were.
The jury decided that this amounted to intimidation.
It featured stuffed ballot boxes and repeat voting, ballot slips scattered in gutters, trashed polling stations and intimidation.
The murders are only the tip of an iceberg of intimidation.
There has been a new wave of arrests and intimidation.
It includes allegations of clone parties, refusal to register candidates, and physical violence and intimidation.
The intimidation of opposition campaigners proceeded apace.
The intimidation of the negroes is a stern and awful fact.
Comic books seem to take some of the intimidation factor out of reading.
For some, the experts say, knives are weapons of explicit intimidation and violence.
Many times this is all nothing more than a game of intimidation.
Both camps have complained of violence and intimidation.
Disruption and intimidation that stops short of actual violence are becoming their speciality.
There were also poll taxes that blacks could not afford, and plain intimidation.
Huge, enthusiastic crowds greeted her everywhere, despite much official intimidation.
They even carried their ill-will and intimidation to the point of shooting.
The chimps were found to throw rocks into streams apparently also as an act of intimidation.
They prefer to speak anonymously, for fear of intimidation.
Scene after scene features intimidation, some of it violent, some jolly.
The result is extreme levels of violence, corruption and intimidation.
Of course, it could also create a little feeling of intimidation, having a faculty member apply for a staff position.
Sustainability hasn't yet achieved this level of intimidation, but not for want of trying.
No wonder these people have no other defense but name calling, outburst of anger and hatred, intimidation and even blackmailing.
Yet in the few days since it said it would run, intimidation has risen sharply again.
Violence and intimidation are on the rise against candidates, three of whom have been killed.
Concern about intimidation had risen because, under a last-minute edict, policemen were deployed inside polling stations.
At its extreme end, this campaign to defend and purify the faith shades into intolerance, intimidation and violence.
Violence, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and deaths during campaigning have been blamed on thugs loyal to him.
They also require voters to tell the truth-despite intimidation and strong peer pressure on both sides.
Once you realize that, you stop believing that you deserve the intimidation and start feeling better about yourself.
He's made string theory look bad, but his intimidation has also been quite effective.
There was intimidation of witnesses and ten's of people who came forward with first hand information about a cover up.
Such stylistic intimidation ought to be reconsidered.
But, intimidation is an effective way to silence many.
Every attempt to think about them neutrally leads to problems and intimidation is the only method to protect this system of ideas.
Groups not stereotyped in this way don't experience this extra intimidation.
No chance they'll fire, but it's the intimidation factor.
But, in fact, its primary function for centuries was as a tool of control and intimidation.
Castigation and intimidation surely would have doomed it.
First, success is defined by marginalizing the enemy from the civilian population and rescuing them from enemy intimidation.
Thus intimidation kept people from saying what they really thought.
People in all cultures gravitate toward power, and are susceptible to intimidation by thugs and chieftains.
They could then be properly sheltered from threat and intimidation.
His publishers continue to be subject to a campaign of intimidation.
Intimidation was pervasive during the initial hand-wringing period.
There are rumors on both sides about threats and intimidation.

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