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Example sentences for intimidating

In the evening the atmosphere is intimidating and threatening.
In part, it's because the thought of defaulting and leaving the euro after nearly a decade is so intimidating.
The reports also said some professors were intimidating students who did not accept that interpretation of events.
The second posits that the mane makes the lion more attractive to lionesses and more intimidating to other males.
That's because, even at rest, the supersonic reconnaissance plane is so flat-out intimidating.
If you've never cooked live crabs, it can seem a little intimidating.
Simple, but if you have never done this one, it can be a little intimidating.
There is nothing intimidating about the grilled marinated chicken.
To be sure, such a calling is both empowering and intimidating.
Often this combination is overwhelming and intimidating.
Our gadgets quickly became complex, cluttered and intimidating.
Creating a colorful outdoor living room from an unruly yard can seem intimidating.
Reading comic books is fairly intimidating if you don't get into it until later in life.
It's much more powerful and intimidating than anything we've got.
Far from intimidating speculators, the use of the swaps actually encouraged them.
So the math isn't complicated-but that doesn't mean it isn't intimidating.
Even experienced cooks can find it intimidating to make pie pastry.
It may be intimidating at first, but it's well worth the challenge.
The year's surfeit of new garden books is frankly intimidating.
The only problem is that casual screenshot-grabbers and image editors find these programs too powerful and intimidating.
The brief was to design something that visitors would not find intimidating.
Our last writer remembered always dreading dinner at her intimidating grandfather's house.
They may look intimidating and mysterious, but they're incredibly easy to cook with.
The college dorm is a pretty intimidating setup, when you think about it.
It is intimidating to speak up when you know that it will show your level of ignorance.
Every one has letters that look intimidating and unfamiliar to the western eye.
It's made travel seem less strange and intimidating.
Tattooing, an aggressive and intimidating mixture of endurance and art, is as old as warfare itself.
Those models are made of words and symbols which, by their nature, can be intimidating.
It's broken down in a way that makes gardening less intimidating for novices.
Too many buttons could be confusing or intimidating to non-expert users.
Making a college list, filing applications, and marshaling the resources to afford an education can be intimidating.
All of them said they found the research process intimidating.
Other metrics then become meaningful: throwing out runners and intimidating runners into not stealing, etc.
It is funny functionally and the color is not too intimidating for a dude.
His first research target, though, was hardly as intimidating as a lion.
The math is so intimidating that no one dares question the premises.
It's a gorgeous sight but, for the inexperienced, an intimidating one.
There's no intimidating buttons to push, all they have to do is hold the remote.
But he was still a frankly intimidating figure to them.
But going after that better life was an intimidating thought.
Collectors have come to prefer buying at fairs to entering sometimes intimidating private galleries.
But for a general reader wanting to sample it, the sheer volume is intimidating.
He describes with relish his talent for intimidating the inmates.
At first this neighborhood of walls was a little intimidating to a newcomer.
To the news media, the gaze is often less reticent, and more downright intimidating.
Indeed, some stadiums can create an intimidating atmosphere.
Perhaps, but the dog park can be a bit intimidating to newcomers.
If you think the magazines' models and fashion editors are intimidating on paper, try riding the elevator with them.
So they started with intimidating the potential whistle-blowers.
Torture is brilliantly effective, at intimidating and terrorizing, and at brainwashing.
Some opponents have actually said that his punishing style is intimidating.
Firm and sometimes punitive but not intimidating or aggressive.
It's different enough that people notice but familiar enough not to be intimidating.
There's something so intimidating about all the steps and equipment, but once you start, it's really not bad at all.
Once-intimidating towers are now held together with boards and steel cables.
Age-appropriate text tells each animal's story in language that's accurate, lively, and non-intimidating.
The finding implied that maybe the blue was more intimidating or made blows harder to see coming.
His breakdown is succinct, clear and not intimidating for us non-scientists.
They're small, not intimidating at all, and can usually stand in where you'd use the leaves.
The food was great, the service attentive without being intimidating, and the customer could do no wrong.
They stopped going to restaurants, tired of the icy, intimidating glares they drew from other diners.
It is intimidating, alienating, and de-humanizes the cops in the eyes of the citizenry.
It's meant to require little training and to avoid intimidating users.
Performances can be exciting or intimidating, usually a little of both.
Her look has always been accidentally glamorous, fragile but intimidating.
Walking into a room full of people you don't know well, or at all, is intimidating.
The schedule for an on-campus visit is nothing if not intimidating.
The bigger a bot is, the more intimidating it is and the less likely people will be to trust it.
Transcending this kind of gimmick stigma seems intimidating, yet it has been done.
The early days of the experience were intimidating for him.
Revelations are emerging so quickly that researchers describe it as simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating.
In rooms reserved for the king and his retinue, the walls are covered with less intimidating figures.
It could be useful if it succeeds in intimidating its target.
There is so much to see and do that deciding where to go and how to get there can be intimidating, not to mention time consuming.
Today, trips are still thrilling with the rapid-moving waters and towering canyon walls, but they aren't so intimidating.
Air travel with children--especially toddlers and babies--can be an intimidating endeavor.
Towing your camper to the campground may seem intimidating at first, because of the extra load on your truck.
It's almost intimidating to think about all those players on the battlefield.
It is injected by a nurse with an intimidating syringe under a local anaesthetic.
Widespread phone tapping is part of the government strategy for intimidating potential opponents.
It's an intimidating collection of people if you're a comedy writer.
Starting high school is intimidating, no matter who you are.
Using a whole bird is much more economical than buying pre-cut pieces, but breaking down the parts can be intimidating.
Taking the steps to attain your educational goals may seem intimidating.
Interviews can be intimidating as they are a critical component of the hiring process.
We will remember that, to you, a visa interview may be a new or intimidating experience and that you may be nervous.
If such behavior is reasonably found to be offensive or intimidating, it is in violation of this policy.
On appeal, appellant challenges solely his conviction on one count of intimidating a witness.
Intimidating certain groups of people is not a solution to poverty.
The results of the investigation showed evidence of intimidating behavior by the alleged perpetrator.
If you are with other people, stand together to present a more intimidating figure, but do not surround the bear.
He is who he is: a coach whose success is based on bullying and intimidating people.
It's quick, cheap and far less intimidating for political novices than writing a big check.
The gurus of pop culture, and real people too, instantly leeched onto her outstanding but not intimidating good looks.
There's nothing you can say to them, and that's intimidating and frightening.
His eyes are focused and intense, looking ruthless and intimidating but also revealing an inner pain.
Tom is intimidating only because of the things you do to yourself.
And simply getting into an inversion can be intimidating.
Use that courage to tackle something previously intimidating.

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