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Example sentences for intimidated

He is one of the great number of those who seek authority, who want to be dazzled, intimidated.
The sound of his voice, noble and affecting, gained those hearts which his presence intimidated.
Awesome enough for professionals to lust over, and easy enough that sewing novices aren't intimidated.
Since the tablet will be such a part of their lives, they won't be intimidated by the technology.
We heard privately from many would-be writers excited about the contest but also intimidated.
He saunters over, conveying to his friends by his elaborately casual style the idea that he is not intimidated by authority.
My dates didn't need to be intimidated by my father because my parents raised me to demand kindness and respect for myself.
In some cases, they have been overwhelmed and intimidated by costs involved.
But travelers needn't be intimidated by the gridlock.
Human rights organizations are intimidated, and a draft law aims to bring them under the regime's authority.
However, families traveling together need not be intimidated by the over-21 crowd.
He seemed intimidated by the lawyers and catered to media celebrities, observers say.
Numerous opponents of the bill have also been intimidated.
Journalists attempting to report as much have been intimidated.
These bleak odds, which the coalition was always going to face, could have intimidated it into soporific caution.
When cases end up in court, witnesses are intimidated.
Once settled in, however, many stop being intimidated by the business world and begin to see its shortcomings.
Rather than being intimidated or turned off, it is better to view this as an inspiration.
Alas, they appeared intimidated and couldn't wait to get away.
Many people were manipulated, intimidated, lost and scared.
In fact, the cowardly thing would have been to be intimidated into distributing the film.
Doug isn't intimidated by the gang and doesn't shrink from a confrontation when he catches them bullying a group of children.
Intimidated by the great distance from their goal, many scholars break down and never complete their dissertations.
Sometimes new faculty members feel intimidated and are reluctant to call program officers.
To make matters worse he even intimidated younger untenured faculty to the point of absolute fear.
The citizens are intimidated and apathetic beyond reason.
Horrified family members, who may be forced to watch the killing, are often too intimidated to identify the murderers.
The intuitive interface helps those among us who are intimidated by wine jargon.
They intimidated their neighbors and they were responsible for numerous robberies and other crimes in the area.
Most first time applicants are initially intimidated by the certification process.
If the session is more formal with a large group of learners, some may be intimidated and need coaching.
Maintains that undergraduate sociology students often are intimidated by course requirements in statistics and research methods.
The nation responded first with stunned surprise and overwhelming grief, then with outrage and stern refusal to be intimidated.
Fessenden's quick temper intimidated colleagues and lobbyists who appeared before his committee.
Students, intimidated by their teachers, dared not ask important questions or share their concerns.
However, intimidated, undereducated parents are unlikely to become involved in their children's learning.
Surveys indicate that many highway users are intimidated by the mere size of a truck or bus.
Do not be intimidated by e-mails that warn of dire consequences for not following their instructions.
Sometimes because they feel intimidated by or want to curry favor with law enforcement officials.

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