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These abrupt changes are intimately linked to switches in ocean circulation, experts say.
The annual trek is also intimately tied to the lunar schedule.
Make yourself intimately knowledgeable about any activity, sport, or environment you want to photograph.
Colored gemstones have always been intimately linked to nature.
The process has allowed me to become much more intimately aware of the relationship among teaching, research, and service.
But it's an excellent summary, for those who may not be intimately familiar with the tools.
Music was an experience, intimately married to your life.
Auditors say it helps to know their clients' business intimately.
For humans to be intimately involved in many interconnected processes at a planetary scale carries huge risks.
These things arise not by way of context, but directly and intimately from the lives of his protagonists.
It's a market niche that is intimately connected to defense and highly sensitive matters.
Staff scientists are intimately familiar with manufacturing.
The history of human progress is intimately intertwined with that of cities.
Also it is obvious that acquiring discipline and being a disciple are intimately related.
The wider web people are less likely to be intimately familiar with any individual media brand.
We are going to need a primary care team that works intimately well with specialized resources of all kinds.
The question is intimately linked to the nature of randomness.
However, the two are intimately related in their impact on atmospheric chemical cycling.
What this research shows however is that these experiences are intimately connected with the brain.
The size of the observable universe and its cosmological age are intimately related.
These regions control speech and social behavior and are intimately involved in memory.
Cognition is intimately linked to the physical universe and demonstrated in observer object interaction phenomena.
The two are intimately connected during the nine months of pregnancy.
Their life and health is intimately intertwined with the life, health, and diversity of the ecosystem.
We have a purpose that is intimately linked with every other molecule and energy form in the universe.
The universal aspect intimately links photon, electron and proton within each atom.
Our physical existence is intimately and inseparably connected to our spiritual existence.
The meter of her voice, the inflections-it was all intimately familiar.
For that reason one is not surprised that, asked if they would dance together intimately for the camera, their answer was yes.
Culinary magazines photograph food so intimately, you feel as if you're almost up inside that fleshy pepper.
Music is so intimately connected with emotion and movement that its power can be tapped to elicit both sorts of response.
Autobiographical memory and language seem to be intimately entwined.
Instead it is in each case intimately bound up with the particular and distinct community in which the character participates.
The fibers are intimately connected with each other, possess no definite sarcolemma, and do not branch.
It goes without saying that the mere content of language is intimately related to culture.
What remains open to debate, however, is how intimately the synesthetic response is tied to consciousness.
New studies suggest that the two directions of temporal travel are intimately entwined in the human brain.
It grows imperceptibly over time if you regularly and intimately observe his thoughts and ways and habits and actions.
He is constantly extending his vision, a composer applying a trained imagination to a stage he intimately understands.

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