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Researchers use an online survey to determine how secure people are about intimacy.
He had that gift for intimacy with any number of people.
Forced intimacy with good-looking people, this is the common thread.
My students told me they have little time for intimacy.
It preserves some measure of intimacy and exclusivity.
The portraits, all told, have an arresting intimacy.
The warmth, shelter, and intimacy of the spot are as attractive to humans as they are to wildlife.
It may be electronic, but it is intimacy nevertheless.
Realize your lack of intimacy in no way seemed to unduly bother any of these folks.
New technology has permitted the intimacy that used to be possible only within a cluster to take place over long distances.
Napoleon himself added to the intimacy by building the final wing, opposite the basilica, that encloses the square.
The winged shape and the ample width of the counter are carefully chosen to create intimacy without a feeling of claustrophobia.
Only after becoming a couple, in the intimacy of their nest, do they start singing to each other.
Available-light photography has always held the allure of intimacy.
What separated him from a run-of-the-mansion celebrity portraitist is his offhand intimacy and sly wit.
The intimacy of those photos stands out from the vast sea of portraiture.
Now, that same kind of quiet intimacy fills our room.
It's a way to nurture intimacy when you're apart, especially for military couples or those who travel often.
City-sleuths will be rewarded by the intimacy and authenticity of these insider spots.
They create an intimacy seldom felt in the stadiums they replaced.
His innate feel for the refuge freed me to build further intimacy and respect for the land.
There is nothing global about the spiritual intimacy between two beings.
There's no pretense of intimacy with their audience, so there's no conversation to spoil.
What's being destroyed in the modern retail world is any sense of intimacy.
There are times when glamour and knock-'em-dead pyrotechnics take a back seat to sheer charm and the pleasures of intimacy.
The abbreviation induces a kind of familiarity which gives the privileges of intimacy.
It may have raised the ante socially and economically, but it exacted a cost in intimacy and direct communication.
Adding a heartbeat and body-heat sensors would provide more intimacy.
They work a tremendous amount, and in the end they develop an immense intimacy with mathematical objects.
Choose dishes that involve the intimacy of sharing: fondue, or a porterhouse steak for two.
His voice carries an intimacy so false it seems a little threatening.
Their friendship, intermittent over the years, was based on self-interest rather than on intimacy.
Something about the space constraints make the stories go for too much, rejecting intimacy for some trumped up idea of scale.
Somehow that feeling made me want to follow through on misdirections of intimacy, misdirections of empathy.
The real draw of her songs is not their emotional intimacy, but the fun of pinning celebrity faces to specific songs.
Both portray universally accepted, card-carrying geniuses in moments of offstage intimacy.
The restaurant has the intimacy of a club rather than a big restaurant.
For him, intimacy means putting his arm over my shoulders every once in a while and giving me a hug.
It was subtle and hinted at a comfortable intimacy between the characters.
It has a flow and an intimacy that the often awkward theatrical version lacked.
But for one-third of couples, the experience was cohesive and increased intimacy.
If there's a common thread to these disparate works, it's their intimacy.
It has allowed me to witness fast-tracked intimacy and friends lost and gained.
And even in this immense memorial there's an intimacy in some of the details.
They have caught every possible curve both in the intimacy of the boudoir and in equally revealing tight dresses.
In them, acting and mime take precedence, although the plays can express an aura of grandness within a framework of intimacy.

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