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Example sentences for interwoven

The cells of an organism are nodes in a richly interwoven communications network, transmitting and receiving, coding and decoding.
It is one of the natural cycles that is interwoven in the climate change fabric, but not the only one.
Its products and engineering are tightly interwoven with all the company's other operations.
But even though it is debated their roll in society has always been strongly interwoven.
But in mental life, the influences are so interwoven, that any definite sequence can but seldom be demonstrated.
Science is a tapestry, a vast complex fabric interwoven with countless threads.
Still, these developments are interwoven, in the experience of many students if not in the intentions of legislators.
And he handles this film's dozens of significant characters and the many interwoven strands of its story line with ease.
The interwoven happily-ever-afters in the four story lines aren't really earned, but their hearts are in a jolly place.
Interwoven products using this service can work together without a problem.

Famous quotes containing the word interwoven

I at least have so much to do in unravelling certain human lots, and seeing how they were woven and interwovenmore
In the course of the actual attainment of selfish ends—an attainment conditioned in this way by universality—there i... more
We must open our eyes and see that modern civilization has become so complex and the lives of civilized men so int... more
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