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Example sentences for intervene

If possible, senior colleagues should intervene in such disputes.
He also prefers to revisit stale arguments rather than intervene in current controversies.
Genetic modification can help that if hysterical politics don't intervene.
Society was not there to intervene as a consequence they are paying to support them for the rest of their lives.
To say that none but the perp are guilty means that nobody has a legal or moral duty to intervene or report this behavior.
The logic of the situation compelled authorizers to intervene in private as well as commercial communications.
She hopes that understanding how branching normally happens will reveal ways to intervene when it goes awry.
His role, he said, is that of a sheepdog with the training and temperament to intervene.
Restive followers have been pushing for a new owner, and some have called on sponsors to intervene.
It is not a non-profit foundation's right to intervene.
The challenge is to intervene in a way that accelerates rather than impedes the search for an enduring solution.
When her representatives intervene in other countries' affairs it causes only suffering.
Others have less rigid currencies but still intervene to stem what they regard as excessive upward pressure.
Not surprisingly, the outside world is unwilling to intervene in another distant, mountainous trouble-spot.
Alternatively countries may choose to intervene in the foreign-exchange markets to prevent their currencies from rising.
These inflows put upward pressure on the yuan, forcing the central bank to intervene heavily to keep it steady.
Both rich and poor governments will be tempted to intervene.
Politics dictates that governments must intervene energetically to help.
But the chances are that politics will still intervene, and the economy continue to suffer.
House security did not intervene or remove the offender.
His pleas to the outside world to intervene were ignored.
If they do not move fast enough, regulators may yet have to intervene more forcefully.
His first observation was that bystanders frequently intervene in incipient fights.
Western nations are facing mounting public pressure to intervene.
There's nothing radical about the idea that governments should intervene in the food business.
But for many hours they made no attempt to intervene.
They tend to intervene late in the day, for example after revelations following misuse of funds by charity executives.
Goldman might intervene more promptly if, for instance, a swap held by a local government was no longer suitable.
If the central bank does not intervene, then inflation expectations may rise and the process may accelerate.
But neither can it keep a peace that does not exist, nor intervene in every war in every corner of the globe.
Riot police watched from a distance but did not intervene.
The police had to intervene, and an inquiry into the case was later ordered.
All bets are off, however, if genetic engineers find a way to intervene.
Sure, he'd say he was doing it because he feels a moral obligation to intervene in a time of unparalleled crisis.
We think what they did was wrong, to intervene in the domestic affairs of another country.

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