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The depressing answer in every study so far is that interstellar travel is centuries away.
He looks at the energy budget of interstellar missions.
We also know that amino acids are common in interstellar space.
There's this immense gap, as deep and dark as the interstellar night through which the cold wind blows.
The stunning space vistas and intimate moments with astronauts make for a fascinating flash of interstellar eye candy.
As you get outside the solar system, into interstellar space, particles become few and far between.
Galaxies grow as interstellar gases drawn in by gravity cool and condense to form new stars.
Gravitational tugs, orbital collisions, and interstellar jostles occasionally perturb an asteroid or comet onto a wayward path.
Elliptical galaxies contain many older stars, up to one trillion, but little dust and other interstellar matter.
Instead the interstellar cloud of dust and gas reflects light from nearby stars.
But don't linger in the interstellar vacuum, or hold your breath.
Interstellar travel is optimistically centuries in our future, and may well simply be practically speaking impossible.
One big hurtle and perhaps all that current would help is protection from incoming solar and interstellar attacks.
But let's say you've had a few centuries to practice interstellar communication.
Interstellar space is infinite there is no beginning and no end to space.
There is gas between the stars, which astronomers call the interstellar medium.
The star fizzles into an inert cinder, and its atoms drift off, seemingly lost in the interstellar gloom.
They predicted the catch would resemble the interstellar gas and dust from which the sun and planets originated.
From politics to sport to interstellar hitchhiking, there are many situations that require two people to work together.
It'll become one of several other spacecraft we've sent out of the solar system itself, set to wander interstellar space forever.
What about a large planet ejected into interstellar space.
For interstellar propulsion: same answer, except use fusion devices, instead of fission ones.
What seems impossible to us is making interstellar travel fast enough and cheap enough for routine and casual use.

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