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Most theories are state-centric, but interstate conflict is on the wane.
Don't forget the underground, high-pressure interstate gas lines.
Suppose you are on the interstate traveling at a speed of v and for a distance s.
Individual state licensing of essentially interstate activities was condemned.
Goa is also serviced by interstate bus and train lines.
Hand over the interstate highway medians as free rights-of-way.
Oftentimes, towns are several hours away from the nearest interstate highway.
Interstate trucking uses a lot of fuel a fairly small number of vehicles.
Interstate system with still images and video clips.
The stalking and interstate threats charges carry a maximum sentence of five years.
Yet wrapped cars are quickly becoming the spam of the interstate.
Only until you get out on the interstate, go into fifth gear, and turn on cruise control.
Unfortunately, the tarp blew off on the interstate, causing a six car pile up.
Generation systems boomed, but transmission lagged behind because of the patchwork of interstate regulations and jurisdictions.
Many populations are scattered, their members separated by interstate highways, residential subdivisions and agricultural plots.
Sensors on the interstate will calculate any tolls and automatically deduct the proper amount from the driver's prepaid account.
Along came the interstate, apparently, and ruined everything.
How interstate commerce justifies mandating individual coverage.
First of all, many environmental problems are inherently interstate, and cannot reasonably be managed by any state government.
Interstate relations have a lot to do with interpersonal relations between the leaders.
They have made an art form of tailgating, honking and weaving across clogged interstate-highway lanes.
Now he's the famous football star who pled guilty to operating an interstate dog-fighting ring.
Brown was charged with unlawful interstate flight, arson, inciting to riot and failure to appear in court.
When the terrarium crashes on an interstate, the traveling player is stranded.

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