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Cross the bridge and walk straight ahead to the intersection.
Entrance and exit ramps connect the streets at every intersection.
It continues to be a city that creates its own history at the intersection where both continents meet.
He wants to show me a favorite intersection he designed.
Spotting a trend at the intersection of technology and romance.
We typically seek projects engaging one or more big questions lying within and at the intersection of multiple disciplines.
Most rear-end, road-departure, lane-change and intersection accidents are preventable.
The police said the officers had a green light at the intersection when the accident occurred.
It looks at the intersection of gender and race, among other things.
Credit economists focusing on the intersection of macroeconomics and finance.
At the intersection of land and sea, mangrove forests support a wealth of life.
All you need do is drop a sensor at one of those intersection points.
There's an intersection where five streets come together.
At the four-way intersection inside the cemetery, turn right and continue until you see the restroom on the left.
The intersection of science and art is bustling with activity.
They are more efficient than a conventional intersection because traffic keeps moving without stopping for a light or sign.
The digital intersection of our professional and private lives is getting busier.
It is in the middle of a major intersection and you have to walk underground to get to it.
Edge exists to track the intersection of science and culture.
Residents said accidents occurred frequently at the intersection.
The driver of the truck had stopped at the intersection.
It's the ultimate intersection between economics, self-interest and gender studies.
Her work focuses on the intersection between culture, technology and development.
No instead there was a fistfight going on in the middle of there intersection.
My goal with this series is to explore that intersection of human emotions.
The colors from the small crosses appear to spread onto the white expanse surrounding each intersection.
But cars negotiating the intersection must circle the stupa counterclockwise.
On her own she will sit at an intersection on her mile to two mile walks every day.
As the text lengthens, the likelihood of intersection increases.
Roger's research focuses on the intersection of science and technology and decision making.
At the point of intersection of the four divisions of the cruciate eminence is the internal occipital protuberance.
It is this intersection of interests which gives an almost unparalleled dramatic effect to the two great scenes.
As people stream through in one direction, the pressure on their side of the intersection drops.
The answer can be found in the intersection of a rule, an event and a trend.
Trees in a park across the intersection caught on fire.
At that moment, a taxi stopped in the middle of the intersection and let get in.
Gather with neighbors at intersection, stand in middle of road discussing weather.
Encircled by small benches, the sculpture brought the intersection a certain calm.
Their militias stopped cars at every other intersection to demand money or weapons.
The participants were given driving directions using the standard map and text, as well as thumbnails for each intersection.
The question was interesting because it requires doing an intersection-figuring out which items several sets have in common.
The energy is created from a near- zero point vacuum state at the point of intersection of these out-of-phase waves.
Her work is on evolutionary medicine, and the intersection of endometrial functioning, stress and inflammation.
They talk about the intersection of politics and nutrition recommendations, in addition to lots of other interesting information.
He hangs in every building, in every city intersection, large and wide and belligerent over the streets.
When you make a turn, glance around to see the intersection from the opposite direction.
Its signal achievement seemed to be stopping for a stop sign at an otherwise unoccupied intersection.
So far, the abyss has consumed a three-story building and an intersection.
Every ugly building and intersection seem to be named for one, and people are increasingly bored and sickened by the term.
Turns are generally not permitted at the intersection.
Health care stands at the intersection of benefits and cost of living.
First, police had their way with protesters who sat in the middle of an intersection.
But it was a spontaneous, happy intersection of coincidence.
People should never enter an intersection if they cannot get across.
The measure would also give drivers more wiggle room to creep up to the edge of an intersection before stopping.
One way of achieving these objectives is to search for altern ative intersection and interchange designs.
The intersection review module includes both policy and diagnostic review capabilities.

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