interruption in a sentence

Example sentences for interruption

And he himself would labor for seven hours without interruption on a block of marble.
On some readers, that interruption takes a full second.
For starters, one of the predictions of potential consequences of global warming is the interruption of the conveyor currents.
The waitress is treated as an unwanted interruption and burden.
Cellphone towers are quite energy intensive as they use power non-stop without any interruption.
We are free to safely dream on, with no further interruption.
Set the app's timer for however long you want to work without interruption.
Bidding at once resumed, and ascended without interruption to fifty thousand pounds.
The culprit in nearly all cases of syncope is an interruption in blood flow to the brain.
They had to hold the primary stream in mind so that they could return to it after their interruption.
The article also mentions the video quality and the signal interruption at the end as proof of fake.
Instead, after a short ringtone interruption, he offers a truce: day-walking.
Everything else is interruption, even the night and sleep.
Yet any interruption to oil supplies would be hugely damaging to the world economy.
The interruption of mining has pushed up the prices of gold and platinum.
Supplies of energy are more vulnerable to interruption for some countries than for others.
If the interruption to the flow of the sentence is but slight, the writer may safely omit the commas.
But the thread of the story is taken up without interruption.
The narrative flows through its easy channel without the smallest shock of interruption.
Hence proceeds the interruption every fourth year, in the cycle of the dominical letters.
And so he had gone on telling his story for a while, when there arose some interruption.
The war of course brought interruption and confusion.
Trip cancellation and interruption policies can provide coverage when a hurricane ruins a vacation.
Last week's interruption, blessedly brief, was not a time-out but a time-in.
Re-entering your home after a utility interruption.
A--Apnea is the interruption of breathing, and it can occur in adults or infants.

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