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But if the treatment is stopped or interrupted, the virus typically bounds back almost immediately.
But they still suffer from disrupted sleep, interrupted feeding and the energetic costs of flight and resettlement.
Their fasts were severe, and almost daily, and their devotions were only interrupted by necessary duties or other good works.
The chairman inquires if the speaker is willing to be interrupted, and if he consents, he directs the inquirer to proceed.
No coldness for so much as one moment ever interrupted the harmony or damped the affections of this holy couple.
There is an axiom that war is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of terror.
The raid had clearly interrupted the workday-rice pots from breakfast were still on the stove.
Observations are often interrupted by the appearance of a kitten.
For many, service had been interrupted for the second day running.
Teething troubles at refineries producing the cleaner fuel have interrupted supply and made the market tighter.
If constantly interrupted or forced to attend meetings, they are less likely to be creative.
Many of these were caused not by an interrupted supply, but by demand growth colliding with unresponsive supply.
They do not cope well with a long series of defeats, interrupted by sporadic flashes of success.
The words tumbled out in an incoherent jumble interrupted by heaving shoulders and gales of cackling laughter.
All the railways and telegraph lines in that section are interrupted.
The restaurant manager interrupted her dinner to tell her she had a phone call.
The actor's set was interrupted when he jumped into the crowd to confront a heckler.
The subjects were asked to look at a nature scene and then were interrupted by being shown a picture of a human face.
To confirm the link, the researchers interrupted many successive superpositions with microwave pulses.
Up close the edges of the line may look wavy and interrupted.
People were about twice as likely to remember the tasks during which they'd been interrupted than those they completed.
If for any reason therapy is interrupted, the virus rapidly rebounds.
They consist of a straight channel connecting a source to a drain, interrupted half way by a wide gate.
It was a routine part of the test, but this time it was interrupted by a fire alarm.
If you're interrupted before you've finished your planned remarks, that's success, not failure.
Be sure to choose a quiet room where you won't be interrupted.
Then there was the matter of his interrupted education.
As the talk is informal, it is not unusual to be interrupted by questions from members of the search committee and others present.
Longer, and you'll be interrupted, which you don't want.
She came into my course late, interrupted me and the students and manufactured a scathing observation.
He is also going through a particularly naughty phase, so dinner is sometimes interrupted with time-outs.
Make sure that the internist recognizes that the migraine interrupted your ability to function.
The dance music was soon interrupted by a series of increasingly alarming news bulletins.
It was supposed to be a happy weekend, but it was interrupted by three loud shots.
Several members of the dig team interrupted their own work to watch.
No one had interrupted their pitch with so much as a question.
When the biodiversity of an ecosystem is interrupted or destroyed, the economic impact on the local community could be enormous.
Forests frequently interrupted by open areas occupy the lower half of the valley.
The neighborhood card club was in session when the telephone interrupted.
Rose was interrupted by cheers from a nearby garage: the morgue truck, making its final run.
He was interrupted by an earsplitting announcement: because of construction, the train would make all local stops.
His griping is interrupted when the police raid the shop.
He interrupted her to ask coldly if she meant her brothers shot sitting birds.
The scene plays in virtual silence, interrupted only by the repeated pistol shots.
Acts of remembrance can surface out of daily rituals, even interrupted ones.
The shot keeps getting interrupted by the drunken owner of one of the roosters.
What ensues is a prolonged dramatization of courage, interrupted by lyrical digression.
The children listened with wide-eyed interest, but soon afterward they went back to their interrupted games.
But a number of technical glitches interrupted my self-tracking experiments.
The reader is also frequently interrupted by the need to reorient the text by scrolling to produce new paragraphs to read.
Fossil fuel supplies can be interrupted by political disputes abroad.
Then a distressing event interrupted the momentum of his life: a house he had lived in and used for storage burned.
Grover mostly never minded being delayed or interrupted.
The sanitization cycle can be interrupted anytime to ensure the keyboard is available as needed.
Most of those four hours roll by effortlessly, interrupted only by the occasional fluid replenishment and sample taking.
True, our national well-being was interrupted by a depression and by periodic recessions.
Here and there, those hilly plains are interrupted by underwater mountains called seamounts.
Since the accident, however, she almost always lost track of what she was doing if a colleague or phone call interrupted her.
Not all research programs would be interrupted, however.
Interrupted by attempts to sell products to the unseen.
Unfortunately the whole operation got interrupted by lightning warnings.
He was a psychic, and he interrupted his own grieving process.
Funding could possibly be interrupted for misbehaving scientists.
When he had finished reading these words the audience of about a thousand people interrupted with applause.
Outsiders and their rivalries interrupted this hopeful advance.
For hours, this went on, chants interrupted by the firing of sporadic rounds of tear gas.
As he told stories, his own infectious laughter often interrupted him.
Electric energy and water services are interrupted daily, at irregular intervals and for periods that can exceed four hours.
Our meeting was interrupted by numerous phone calls.
He was interrupted in the course of the examination.
But don't worry: plans to head home for the holidays aren't likely to be interrupted.
Once interrupted, patients are often reluctant to go back to their story.
His sleep was often interrupted by calls from the president and his senior advisers.
Their discussion was interrupted by an explosion, then smoke.

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