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Her cries are the only sounds to interrupt the otherwise quiet countryside.
Concrete and other building materials interrupt this cycle, and green roofs restore it to some degree.
Farmlands interrupt the movements of herds of animals that live on the vast area of the savanna.
We interrupt this critter fest to bring you a landscape appreciation moment.
The new gene might interrupt an important sequence, actually harming the cell.
Interrupt people at unpredictable intervals and ask them what they're doing, and what's on their minds.
These oligomers may interrupt the signals transmitted between neurons.
Gaps in reasoning interrupt arguments for both free will and determinism.
We use books to escape the hundreds of e-mails, text messages, and phone calls that interrupt our day.
One way to solve that is to give users a toolbar to interrupt or stop the calculation.
Basically what they need to do is interrupt the shock wave through the rails.
Also, military serviceman often have to interrupt studies mid-semester or may be moved.
During busy periods, office hours sometimes get long enough that they compress the day, but they never interrupt it.
Too much coffee can also interrupt your ability to get a good night sleep, which is never good.
At the same time, try not to get rattled if the interviewers interrupt you.
Interrupt and redirect seems to be the best strategy.
But once you get the experience, you will have both education and experience without having to interrupt your work.
Changes at work, changes in family, changes in health compete with and interrupt studies.
It's rude, immature, and inappropriate for students to interrupt an invited speaker in this way.
If you stick your foot in your mouth during an interview, no one will interrupt to prevent you from doing further damage.
Nothing could interrupt me because everyone was unreachable.
It is our job to interrupt their technological reveries and point out the wider world.
He would always interrupt and start talking about something else.
If left untreated, the increased pressure can interrupt blood flow to the retina.
But if it is not of such urgency it should not interrupt a member after he has commenced his speech.
The notice may be given when another question is pending, but cannot interrupt a member while speaking.
Words that interrupt quotations should never be allowed stops to part them from the quotation.
Their manual labour, which was that of making baskets or mats, did not interrupt the prayer of the heart.
Oh, do not interrupt with these frivolities, father.
Interrupt your application by short, but fervent and ejaculatory prayers: never begin or end your study but by prayer.
Prayer was her spiritual comfort and strength, and she seemed scarcely ever to interrupt that holy exercise.
But a family contest obliged him to interrupt his studies.
No hurry of public affairs, even in the midst of his wars, ever made him interrupt this custom.
He knew not what all this show imported, but stood on one side, not inclining to interrupt the ceremony.
Whatever you want to call it, think twice before you interrupt a baseball game by running out onto the field.
Great magazine advertising doesn't interrupt, compete with or attach itself to content: it complements and co-exists with it.
Interrupt tasks at natural breaking points whenever possible.
We interrupt your scheduled recap to bring you a public-safety announcement.
They weren't willing to interrupt their observation schedules to go and cut snares.
Populism argues that government should instead interrupt those conditions to award prosperity specifically and temporarily.
Recessions interrupt the economy's natural inclination to grow.
It is no longer about push advertising or interrupt messaging, it now about conversations and engagement with your customers.
They will not even dare interrupt when the going is good.
Surprised by this unusual experience, she decides to interrupt her journey and wander through this unfamiliar city.
We interrupt this blog for a moment of shameless self-promotion.
Vagotomy, in which the vagus nerve is cut to interrupt messages from the brain that stimulate acid secretion in the stomach.
Your use of technology should never interrupt a business meeting or engagement.
Autumn is the height of the hurricane season, which might interrupt your plans.
No one can interrupt when someone is holding the feather-adorned pole.
Sometimes it's not rude to interrupt a big meeting to take a call.
Guests can request a fully equipped kitchen, and the rooms contain no phones to interrupt your solitude.
However, the occasional interlocutor will interrupt my litany of must-reads to say they only have time to absorb one.
But if the judge asks you questions, answer each question directly and do not interrupt the judge or the other side.
System administrators can interrupt any application.
Please be patient and do not interrupt or stop the process.

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