interrogator in a sentence

Example sentences for interrogator

It is up to the interrogator to move the conversation back and forth to discern the truth.
They require a conscious act of decision on the part of their interrogator to gain meaning.
The interrogator gruffly ordered the candidate to sit down.
And eventually, during our conversation, he called himself an interrogator.
Then, a few days ago, an interrogator got him chatting.
He, a government interrogator in some unidentified police state, exudes distaste and wears white suspenders.
The small rectangular tags respond to radio waves sent by a special transmitter called an interrogator.
The interrogator was set up in the rear of the van on the shipping case in which it was delivered.
Inform aircraft concerned when the ground interrogator appears to be inoperative or malfunctioning.
Following a brief silence, probably intended to intimidate me, an unseen interrogator began to speak.
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