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Depositions are the closest thing to an interrogation that is legal.
There they took my phone and camera, denied me access to water or a toilet during a day and a night of interrogation.
The denials came in rapid fire, and once the interrogation was well underway it was clear that none of us seemed to have done it.
Under the influence, he almost turned the interview into an interrogation plus a lecture, judging by his tone and manner.
Others say it was hastened by hours of intensive interrogation.
Brain fingerprinting test, known in this country as brain mapping, is another procedure of scientific interrogation.
He is said to frown on torture as a method of interrogation.
They're not observing the rule of law in any interrogation.
All it means is out of the ordinary, not necessarily covert and to a secret place for interrogation.
He was allowed to do press-ups in the interrogation centre, however.
He also insisted that it was reasonable to use beatings as an aid to interrogation.
The provision could permit military prosecutors to avoid airing the details of brutal interrogation techniques.
It's far better than an interrogation about the candidate's personal life.
People who talk tough in public often submit in interrogation.
Airports should start planning to build bigger interrogation rooms.
He is in line for years of interrogation and the suspicion won't go away.
His treatment is unjust, they say, because he is facing harsh interrogation.
Other half-animal faces glared interrogation out of the hovels.
Proponents claim that waterboarding's effective because prisoners will tell the truth to make the interrogation stop.
The only way to know the universe is through evidence based interrogation.
During the first microwave interrogation, the atoms are only sort of flipped into the new state.
The military trains people to withstand interrogation.
Tells how they also did not remember abusing the children, but did not deny it outright in interrogation.
He spent the next four months there, under interrogation.
Someone under that kind of interrogation will tell you whatever he or she can to make it stop, true or not.
During interrogation, they did not provide food and water.
They took him back to their base, where they conducted a frenzied, boozy interrogation that was recorded on videotape.
They are the people you now see waiting in lines at airports for the special interrogation and search procedures.
Think of the interview as a conversation, not an interrogation.
There was a lot of sensitivity to the interrogation techniques that were used there.
There was a clear purpose, rhyme and reason to each line of interrogation.
His interrogation begins later this week, and he will probably be sentenced to life in prison once tried.
He also spent many days under arrest and interrogation.
In the month that followed, members of the opposition were rounded up for interrogation, searches or brief stints in jail.

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