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Example sentences for interred

The body was interred temporarily in the cemetery of the post.
Experts think the tomb belonged to a family and that the four coffins might have been interred together.
In any event, the long-lost sailors will likely be interred with honors in a military cemetery.
Nearly all the figures were apparently already broken at the time they were interred in a single deep pit.
When they were interred here, they must have appeared as symbols of purity amongst the decay.
Much of our knowledge of prehistory comes from artifacts interred at ritual burial sites.
The new dating evidence indicates that these chosen few must have been interred over centuries.
Dual status veteran couples have the option to be interred together or side-by-side.
Veterans who are interred at the cemetery receive perpetual care of their lot, a marker, and funeral honors free of charge.
Subsequently, his family wished to have him interred in his native state.
Their remains were re-interred in the prison cemetery after its opening.
The money was raised by voluntary contribution and those who pioneered our city are interred within.

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