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There is an interpretive center with an explanatory movie and also a gift shop.
Unlike the formal part, the interpretive part relies on a natural language.
Many have become unhinged by the interpretive power of a simple idea.
Designing and interpreting these experiments is difficult and fraught with interpretive pitfalls.
So there might be some interpretive noise going on in these results.
But such instances of interpretive overreach are scarce.
He is suing the state to prevent any interpretive liberties taken with voter intent within the write-in candidate field.
Its answers to questions were canned and its interpretive powers were extremely limited.
Her strongly interpretive playing has made her a favorite among many conductors and reviewers.
Along with exhibits on forge history in the old blast furnace, an interpretive path guides you around the site.
Other ranches thrived, of course, and an interpretive mural and bronze statue on-site celebrate both failures and triumphs.
The visitor center has exhibits and interpretive trails around freshwater and brackish ponds.
Interpretive panels along the way explain the science behind the petrified logs.
They include discovering and presenting that interpretive information.
Learn more about period life during a guided interpretive tour and check out reproductions of soldiers' huts.
Look for the interpretive signs that explain how the city turned its industrial riverfront into a clean, green playground.
Many would argue that the composers had already completed their paintings, give or take some interpretive leeway.
With their interpretive powers, skillful contextualization and artful writing, they place the campaign in the arc of history.
Formal and informal interpretive programs are provided for the general public, school groups and special interest groups.
There modern visitors can experience an interpretive center with a self-guided tour that explores history.
Visitors can explore an interpretive center with exhibits about the area's natural history, as well as hiking and biking trails.
The park itself provides two interpretive trails that take you through the battlefield.
There is a small admission fee to tour the interpretive center, which has limited hours throughout the summer.
Amenities include pull-through and back-in sites with shade, restrooms with showers and nature trails with interpretive displays.
Reservations are required and interpretive commentary is available in more than a dozen languages.
Visitor groups requesting interpretive programs must make reservations two weeks in advance.
Kids can participate in interpretive hikes that explore the park's ecosystems and wildlife.
The amphitheater hosts interpretive presentations during the summer.
The campground has picnic sites, hiking and biking trails, a park store and an interpretive center.

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