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However, it could be that the project has collected good data and the interpretative writeup will emerge later.
The programme provided a long list of dances that were described as poetic and interpretative.
Despite the interpretative deluge in the media, you do need to see it for yourself.
The thing missing in this article is how the consumers interpretative these rating an rankings.
The reality is that a little over a year ago the interpretative framework of science in this area shifted.
It was not, however, a return to the interpretative richness of an earlier day.
The mind then posits concepts, joins concepts into constructs, and weaves those constructs into complex interpretative schemes.
Interpretative reports should have a high standard for accurate and clear reporting of data.
The facility also has an interpretative area providing information on how watersheds work and how a hatchery operates.
The scientific aspirations of the latter discipline gave rise to an emphasis on interpretative method and theoretical speculation.

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As the distinctions among the arts are distinctions among the sensorial directions of aesthetic expression (sight, speec... more
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