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Rather, it is a mode of interpretation and understanding.
Alas, they also undermine its interpretation as a sign of dark energy.
One of the earliest objections to the faster-than-light interpretation came from an astrophysical observation.
Someone who arranges, creates and writes music for interpretation and performance is a composer.
But there's another interpretation possible here, based in part on a handful of anomalies in this trend.
For some musicians, interpretation is a mediation between the two.
The reports also said some professors were intimidating students who did not accept that interpretation of events.
Pose one or more questions or quotes from the authors on interpretation.
Your interpretation of what the agency wants, and the program officer's interpretation, can be quite different.
People look at a sculpture expecting to see the artist's interpretation.
Some academics mount elaborate responses, pointing out all the flaws in their critics' interpretation of the manuscript.
What protection those laws offer has been the subject of evolving interpretation by federal courts.
He reeled off immense chunks of scripture-without any interpretation whatsoever, as if the verses were self-explanatory.
Muscle memory and artistic interpretation are so much a part of successful dance.
Of course, this is by no means the only interpretation of monster stories.
However, when it comes to answering questions, he insisted his own interpretation among several others.
The building's award-winning design mixes interpretation and the surrounding countryside.
These words invite you to decipher their meanings, all the while resisting interpretation.
Certainly, proper historic interpretation requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
The detailed trial transcripts reveal a remarkably human saint, and the story invites modern interpretation.
And as such, it is often inherently ambiguous and open to interpretation.
On one interpretation, the machine dies with the final unplugging of its physical shell.
One interpretation of all this might be that selfish people find it easier to become rich.
Yet it would be a mistake to put too much trust in that interpretation.
Even when the experiment is a success, its interpretation can be a failure.
Yet the mythology is based on a selective interpretation of history.
But there is a more worrying interpretation doing the rounds.
Another, and more troubling, interpretation is also plausible.
And both are open to wide interpretation, as they should be, to meet the changing demands of modernity.
The upshot is that determining whether an activity is permissible or criminal would depend on interpretation.
Similar biases may affect memory and the interpretation of events.
These are points of political interpretation on which people can reasonably differ.
If the authors' interpretation of events is similar, their books are sufficiently different that their publishers can relax.
Not everyone, it must be said, agrees with this interpretation of history.
It was unclear, however, whether the animals had a similar interpretation of their society.
But a better answer deals with a better interpretation of the question--regarding maple syrup.
One possible interpretation: people whose brains mature early might be more prone to engage in adult activities.
Too much self selection, fuzzy questions and risky interpretation for my liking.
We can't expect any other significant interpretation to this question.
It is a cultural matter of conventional interpretation common to all those raised and indoctrinated in a given cultural paradigm.
Considering the following interpretation of the bigger picture may be helpful in coming to grips with quantum chaos.
While interpretation at medical facilities has gotten better, the need is growing even faster.
These images offer a non-invasive archaeological interpretation of manmade structures.
Many other scientists disagree with that interpretation, however.
Based on this interpretation, aspects of the bird's wing patterns are inconsistent with an ivory-bill, the researchers add.
Needs to work on interpretation and signing to explain and thus help conserve its treasures.
In fact, the amount of translation and interpretation work could multiply further if various political groups get their way.
Needs better interpretation about historic meanings.
Work which proceeds in the opposite direction, from the manifest dream to the latent, is our work of interpretation.
In the interpretation of the dream it is of utmost importance that this change be traced back.
The same lack of system impairs his interpretation of literature.
Even his extant works offer many difficulties-sometimes to be met by conjecture only-as regards interpretation and chronology.
Rarely has it set itself the task of the general interpretation to which the historian proper is committed.
But on the basis of the theory of relativity the method of interpretation is incomparably more satisfactory.
The historian, if he is to remain historian, can neither accept nor deny that interpretation.
Nostalgically-flavored vodkas are more likely to apply a literal interpretation of flavor.
There's no room for imagination, no room for improvisation, for interpretation.
If you buy the first interpretation, we're back to demand and the stimulus is obviously strong on demand.
It is not expressed precisely in single poems, but rather is present in all, as key and interpretation of her meditative scrutiny.
Eventually the gap between reality and its false interpretation becomes unsustainable, and the bubble bursts.
That's the ending, and it's definitely open to interpretation.
He simultaneously rebuffs and courts interpretation.
My interpretation of the federal disqualification statute is different, however.
As it happens, this is an interpretation of the facts with a checkered history behind it.
And the indeterminacy of his story, its resistance to interpretation, was clearly intended by its author.
It is worth whatever effort the interpretation costs you.
Their behavior stymies interpretation, and even curiosity.
Such images may baffle interpretation, but they do not repel commentary.
The self-conscious poses of the characters seem meant to undercut easy interpretation.
It's the quantum-mechanical many-worlds interpretation put into practice.
It's a way of not thinking, and opening up the work to deeper interpretation.
Tips from informants on the ground are subject to error, as is the interpretation of video images.
Regardless of interpretation, they have empirically demonstrated a working quantum computer.
Video interpretation technology could then be used to simulate participants' facial expressions.
He ignored the interpretation of the people who wrote the papers he quoted in a presentation he was giving.
So you end up with the literalist interpretation of it, which is not quite the idea at the end of the day.
What is and isn't justified by military necessity is, naturally, open to interpretation.
It took as its unit of interpretation the career rather than the isolated deed, thought, or masterpiece.
The interpretation of the main part of it presents few difficulties, and he stated clearly his chief motive for writing it.
One does not offer the patient an interpretation that he will be unable to accept.
He first distinguished between interpretation and theorization in the theory of science.
But here the interpretation is loose to the point of misrepresentation.
The second interpretation seems correct as a matter of statutory interpretation.
Historical interpretation, however, offers epic opportunities for exploitation and distortion.
My readers may judge the validity of this interpretation for themselves.
There is an element of truth in this interpretation but it is far too one-sided.
In the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, all outcomes of any experiment are realized.
Yet a range of theoretical developments has gradually qualified the interpretation of universe.
Even with complete skeletons, there is lots of room for interpretation on how the bones go together.
The old hierarchical interpretation of the fossil record--and the prehistoric genocides implicit in it--got thrown out as well.
It creates a pain sensation by exploiting the brain's natural interpretation of mixed signals.
He rejects both the soft-tissue discovery and the interpretation of the calcified bones.
But that information that is needed for interpretation, and the result, is transmitted causally.
The first, obvious interpretation is that these networks were formed more or less the same way as similar terrestrial networks.
Until he finds the fossil remains of a ring actually ensnaring a nematode, his interpretation is up for debate.
Here he tackles a venerable problem: the interpretation of quantum mechanics.
While superficially the interpretation fits the observations, there are way too many problems with it.
The authors put another interpretation on the data by suggesting a spatial variation.
Rather than present her interpretation, let me post some of the tables which have data in them.
Recall the conflicts of interpretation between paleoanthropologists which raged across the decades.
It's a broad statement, which is open to interpretation on the details of implementation.
But in whatever manner our vote is submitted, it must be accurately counted the first time and not be subject to interpretation.
The information is often so disparate and scattershot that it amounts to little without interpretation.
But in last week's ruling, the court repudiated this interpretation for the first time in more than a half-century.

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