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We each interpret our experiences and reality in a way that makes sense to each of us.
That's why so many students around the world are not able to read and understand, interpret and make inferences.
Likewise, how you define words will impact how you interpret combinations of words.
But not all modern realists interpret their creed in so mechanical a manner.
Evolutionary psychology tells us that our brains developed to interpret complex social signals.
Proponents of the method interpret its value more broadly.
There are lots of tools out there that aggregate existing information and even organize it for users to interpret.
However, it is an error to interpret that criticism as a demand for less rigor.
While it will take years to interpret the ecological tales trapped in the new amber, one important story is already suggested.
It's people who listen to experts and interpret what they said and come to a conclusion.
Supplements are an example of how scientists interpret research in different ways, depending on point of view.
One way to interpret their answer is that they think tax rates are more important than deficits by a factor of more than ten.
By age seven many children understand that people can interpret the same situation in different ways.
The studies were broadly consistent with the view that deterrence works, but all are difficult to interpret.
But there is no other way to interpret the dual claims that not enough people pay income taxes and also tax rates should be lower.
They are constantly to the point and simple to interpret.
Readers may interpret the president's words as they please.
The fluid movement allows your brain to interpret your body's position and maintain your balance.
The introduction of screening can trigger big statistical fluctuations that can be difficult to interpret.
The second, theater snobs, will interpret that he is recovering from a lobotomy.
The system can interpret specific gestures, making completely hands-free control of electronic devices a reality.
But as many people pointed out, the problem with this kind of forecast is that it is difficult interpret the results.
It does so by asking pedestrians for directions and using gesture tracking and voice recognition to interpret commands.
What has to be clarified is that the theory used to interpret the accelerator experiment results are valid or not.
Picking up on pitch helps us learn to talk, to read and to interpret others' intentions when they speak.
First, an earthquake is summarized by an easy-to-remember and easy-to-interpret single-digit number.
As the original authors say, there are differing opinions on the way to interpret the results of the experiment.
Muscles under my ear tightened trying block the sound, leaving only the right side to interpret what it was hearing.
No computer models needed, no need for anyone to interpret for you.
Designers interpret the world visually conveying meaning in an accessible way.
Put limits on marketing to populations that can't interpret marketing's persuasive intent.
Our capacity to interpret aphorisms comes from the angular gyrus.
Deniers, on the other hand, interpret that same evidence only as it might support their foregone conclusions.
Rather than giving me pause as to whether the system is flawed, one could easily interpret that result as proof of the flaw.
Master and her coauthors interpret these data as an example of cognitive priming.
They interpret talk about value as code for cost-cutting.
As a result, hadron collisions can be messy and difficult to interpret.
In order to understand history, you have to have sound theory in order to select the appropriate data and interpret it.
Many interpret that to mean the government will impose caste-based hiring quotas.
People often interpret it with their personal view attached.
It's how people interpret these philosophies that's important.
Genetic modification can help it interpret water conditions more accurately and avoid unnecessary stops and starts.
The news media needs to report the facts not the rumors as they interpret them.
One could interpret this as charming modesty, or false modesty, or whatever.
Any translator knows that six words sometimes have to be rendered by ten, for the sake of clarity or to interpret a nuance.
The eye and brain work in a partnership to interpret conflicting signals from the outside world.
They're representations of reality, but only as good as your ability to interpret them and the inputs you're giving them.
Many are so eager to find such a signal that they tend to interpret as much as they want in such data.
Only if you interpret the clearing the orbit requirement at a pedantic level.
It's an enormous job to collect and interpret these data, he had explained before the session, and in the end you get one article.
The final scientific papers ought to report raw data but depending on the journals, you summarize and interpret the raw data.
In really good studies, the people carrying out the study have no idea who got what until its time to interpret the data.

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