interpolation in a sentence

Example sentences for interpolation

But the translator said he wanted to aim at minimal interpolation.
The language is plain, with the occasional interpolation of a colorful archaic phrase.
Inevitably some blocks don't have any measurement and there has to be some interpolation.
Along with ruminative psychological resonances, the singer amplified the melodies with sophisticated be- bop interpolation.
The interpolation of scenes illustrating episodes not directly concerned with the plot is a favorite practice of directors.
Another interpolation method can also be used, whatever remains full screen resolutions, but this time displayed is compromised.
The former is about interpolation of surface normal to approximate curved surfaces.
Bathymetric maps are generated by the interpolation process shown below.
The interpolation type used to determine intermediate line and sample shifts for each line.
Both table types have one argument and one function value, and linear interpolation is applied to determine values not tabulated.
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