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Example sentences for interplay

It's a delicate interplay that takes place every day, in every interaction, for years.
The interplay of salty cheese, rosemary, and pungent onion makes this pizza bold and flavorful.
Experience the interplay between poetry and visual art at this evening event.
The subject is the interplay between cost and quality.
Our world is made by the interplay of our environments with our bodies, our reason, and our emotions.
The meat salads are so superb, with their interplay of heat and chill, that you might happily construct a whole meal from them.
It is the exciting interplay of precious metal tones achieved by layer after layer after layer of silver, bronze and copper.
It was a feeling of abstract intellectual delight, a pure interplay of musical and physical motion.
Much of the spectacle derives from the interplay of the steel lattice and the concrete shell underneath.
Most conditions, it turns out, develop from a subtle interplay among several genes.
Most agree that ethical codes have arisen by evolution through the interplay of biology and culture.
Underlying many of these meditations is a broader curiosity about the intricate interplay of fact and fantasy.
He writes frequently about the interplay of society, culture, and the shape of the human-constructed environment.
In fact, you seem to thrive on the interplay between the two.
The interplay of technology, policy, and finance has always determined the rate at which clean technologies advance.
The system is not sophisticated enough yet for the complex linguistic and physical interplay of actual therapy.
The interplay of these colors gives the gemstones their visual luster.
The sardine run is an indirect result of that interplay.
The edgy interplay of sounds places this band in a league of its own.
It had to be all about the interplay between sweet and sour, rich and crisp.
Sleep involves a complex interplay of physiological processes in which melatonin evidently has an important role.
Potential solutions to this puzzle provide a wonderful example of the interplay between particle physics and cosmology.
There is definitely some interplay between these categories, and flexibility within them.
The ego will mock, use sarcasm and absolutes during interplay.
So the interplay between regulators and market participants is also reflexive in character.
Vision provides a good example of this interplay between experience and genes.
From this interplay, new policies will emerge, presumably from application of the canons of scientific method.
Interplay between the two rooms-between two people for that matter-was discouraged.
The answer lies partly in the interplay of politics and economics, and accordingly is different in each of the member countries.
It is not geology that determines the oil price, however, still less the free interplay of supply and demand.
Mentally he was still patrolling the site, noting the course of storm-drains and the interplay of vaulting and walls.
The second article looks at the interplay between human-resources styles and performance at technology companies.
Such models may also help to pin down the causes of diseases that arise from the interplay of genetic and environmental factors.
Experiencing stress is a complicated interplay between heart, brain and nervous system, propagated through hormones.
It is a product of the interplay of social, health, economic and environment conditions.
The team posits that this interplay between the two brain regions is a key step in memory consolidation.
The interplay between temperatures, rainfall and shifting habitats is too multifaceted to boil down into one overarching trend.
The interplay of climate change and biological invasions is not only a concern in the polar regions.
But efforts to understand the interplay between the climate and the glaciers are hampered by a lack of data.
Random refers to our lack of knowing the interplay of causes and effects.
It's a complex interplay of emotional, cognitive and behavioral networks.
Might be interplay of genetic, behavioral, brain-development and other factors.
The park's visitor center focuses on the history of logging and forestry as well as the interplay between humans and forests.
From the side profile, the muscular ridge in the sill area creates a lively interplay of light reflections.
Being in the music business, there's an interplay between the two.
He urged on solos and orchestrated the interplay, part cheerleader, part taskmaster.

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