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Example sentences for internship

The percentage of students with internship experience varies widely by major.
There is no guarantee of a job or anything else when the internship comes to an end.
The other internship is awarded based on a portfolio.
We will keep resumes on file, and contact students in the event an appropriate internship develops.
Please put your name and which internship you're applying for in the subject line of the email.
It can be quite a hardship for a graduate student on a limited budget to find time for unpaid work or a modestly paid internship.
Applications are no longer accepted for this internship.
Students given a chance to help people through internship program.
Time was when nabbing an internship meant showing up and asking.
They liked it, and him, so much that they offered him an internship with the show.
After college and four years of veterinary school, typically you do a one-year internship and then a three-year residency.
Teaching composition has long been regarded as a kind of internship obligation for graduate students and junior professors.
When that semester ended, he asked me to recommend him for an off-campus internship.
He has had a professional internship and is confident he'll find work.
General information on the internship and the application process is found below.
Students may receive educational credit for their internship.
Our internship program is open to all college students, regardless of major.
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