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In the past four decades, the two political parties have become more internally homogeneous and ideologically distant.
The press's publicist says the press is discussing the switch internally as well.
Oil harms birds in two ways: internally and externally.
Those less fortunate-more than a million of them-have ended up in camps for internally displaced persons.
Internally, we're under the cloud of a financial recession, which is different from all other recessions.
It's worth mentioning that the study only looked at self-reports of how the participants felt internally.
Now, there is a sense of isolation, in that it feels much more walkable internally than externally.
In this case, that cost comes in the form of the investment needed to generate growth-whether internally or through acquisitions.
Internally the nearly ten difficult years have blurred early hopeful visions.
Undoubtedly the aggregate of bodily feelings is to be included among the commanding dream stimuli which originate internally.
Themes should be original, interesting, and internally consistent.
We have subsystems that are still not clearly integrated, even internally.
They also learn other applications, such as how to perform an ultrasound to see if trauma patients are bleeding internally.
Most corporations are internally wasteful and incompetent.
Lower- and mid-level staff searches are generally handled internally as well.
It can also index files outside of the database itself, which are then internally accessible.
It's not going to be until many in the profession are willing to engage and stand up internally and externally to these pressures.
In contrast, these postings seem internally consistent and not hiding behind a pseudonym, thus easily verifiable.
Typically, the light in the substrate is internally reflected and runs parallel and not perpendicular.
Normally, the diodes' light reflects internally and stays trapped within the acrylic.
Sensors can and will visualize our bodies workings internally as well as our movements in space and our environment.
Also foreign to them is the concept of logical, internally driven thought.
But much can go awry with the organism, externally and internally, inducing sorrow.
Both externally and internally, the crucial medium was television.
Freighter-loads of them are dumped in huge slicks out at sea, internally strangling dolphins and sea turtles that ingest them.
Internally their agenda had more to do with souls than possessions.
We put her in her starting outfit, experimented with the makeup, and talked about how shut down she needed to be internally.
Putting the stairs internally makes them impossible to use in the presence of flames and smoke.
The different races are not only physically different, they're also physiologically different internally.
Chemicals taken either externally or produced internally.
The basic idea is to increase data transfer both internally and externally.
There was a lot of damage done both internally and externally, but there was no loss of limb.
Once such an internally generated, emotional goal is identified, experiential memory will provide the necessary motivation.
Diseases must originate internally and result from the misalignment of the mind with its true nature.
It's divided internally by two totally different languages.
It was convincingly detailed and internally coherent.
Some reptiles, notably pythons and iguanas, are capable of producing some of the heat internally.
Evolution was the result of what happened internally within the species.
Officials say he was beaten so severely that he bled internally and went into shock.
Left field and leadoff are concerns, too, but they can be filled internally.
One of the forts has even been internally transformed into a museum.
They do this either by buying businesses or by starting them up internally from scratch, the former being the more common.
These shells were divided internally into gas-filled chambers.
Lawmakers are worried about how they will regulate the tribal casinos internally.
Even more likely, regional blocks will emerge that trade freely internally but are highly protectionist externally.
The kingdom has responded internally to the challenge in typical fashion.
The global downturn may strengthen the group internally.
Animals are wired up internally by blood vessels, nerves, intestines and so.
Great nations decline in different ways: by losing wars, overreaching, collapsing internally.
The main constraint on growth, he says, is the need to finance it internally.
The balance of power is now shifting back from risk-takers to those who police them internally.
Everyone working internally and forgetting real customers and innovation.
The government is already struggling because it is an export based economy so they need to fix things internally.
The problem with this, of course, is that the functions of economies are infinitely inter-related both internally and externally.
The only thing left to consider is to place the device internally.
Users on a metered plan can also cap their own usage internally so that they don't go over budget.
For the mammoth, this meant that they could keep extremities cool and concentrate heat internally, minimizing heat loss.
Maybe he was breaking open the internally contained water supply that the creature uses.
Either the wings had to be stiffened internally or they had to be tied down to legs or feet.
Intelligent design is another internally-consistent theory.
Sure, something should be done internally in the party, but those things are easier said than done.
Nor can they detect any explosives concealed internally.
Openings that are not filled internally will be displayed on this page.
They've already estimated internally what the likely box office return needs to be for them to profit from the movie.

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