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He's simply one of those people whose internal clock is off.
When someone set the alarm in the internal clock, they would click on a picture of a rooster.
Most animals and plants follow an internal clock timed to the rising and setting of the sun--the so-called circadian rhythm.
Active kids produce more melatonin, a natural hormone that serves as the body's internal clock and calendar.
The exact biochemical origins of this internal clock have been somewhat elusive.
But the dancing males better have a good internal clock.
However, during the first few days in your new destination, your internal clock can play havoc with your schedule.
When time zones are crossed, the body's internal clock is thrown out of sync, resulting in a sluggish feeling.
The latter can be especially helpful when the elder's disease process has altered his or her internal clock.
Even kids suffer from jet lag and need to reset their internal clock.
It has been known for some time that the body's internal clock is reset by exposure to bright light.
The software contains an internal clock which can aid the user in estimating run times.
We can proceed by executing useless operations on a random number orby varying the internal clock frequency.
The fourth measurement essentially enables the receiver to correct its internal clock.
Everyone has an internal clock that controls when you get sleepy and when you're wide awake.
Although you may think you are okay to do the job, your body's internal clock will be telling your brain to go to sleep.
It refers to processes that occur approximately once every twenty-four hours, in response to an organism's internal clock.
Also, the human body is governed by an internal clock which makes you want to sleep when it's dark and be awake when it's light.
In addition, depending on the unit's configuration, an internal clock measures the elapsed time that the sensor has been in use.
The circadian rhythm is the human body's internal clock.
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