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The inner workings of an internal combustion engine have rarely been seen as clearly, or as entertainingly.
Auditors themselves say they have toughened their standards and beefed up internal controls.
Any tumor may compress regions of the brain and increase internal pressure, upsetting the organ's delicate functional balance.
Evidence of reproduction by internal fertilization has been discovered in a large group of ancient jawed fish.
The exposed internal structure was compact, uniform, and smooth.
The decision to move to internal fetal monitoring is based on the information first obtained by external fetal monitoring.
Their shared sense of distinction from secular public-school systems tends to mask such internal distinctions.
The internal discipline is brought about by the demands of shareholders.
Since the lungs process air, they are the only internal organs that are constantly exposed to the external environment.
Cold fusion is nonsense, and the internal combustion engine will be with us for a long time to come.
The head portion of the squid pokes out of a conical, rubbery structure called the mantle, which encloses the internal organs.
Anyone who works in campus administration is used to internal audits.
Either there is an internal devaluation, or a currency devaluation.
Most species of octopus have no internal skeleton, unlike other cephalopods.
The tiny cells in our bodies harbor amazing internal communication networks.
The problem with these devices, however, is that their internal pressure is so high that leaks can occur.
The crisis is due to internal stresses, not external ones.
As it rises, the moisture condenses to form clouds, which are jostled by internal turbulence.
But they illustrate internal motivation that could confound some ideas in economics.
Only when this internal conflict is resolved will there be true peace and security.
But your lust will turn to disgust once you get to know this camera's internal quirks.
After border checks, the only backstop is internal enforcement.
Whales, for example, have an internal hydraulic system adapted to their air-breathing ocean existence.
The major distinction responsible for these internal disagreements is the one between automatic and controlled processes.
It proved an internal combustion engine could power a vehicle and a human being could control it.
Even as the firm launched an internal investigation, he vowed to stay at the helm.
Clearly, the arrangement of sunspots is directly influenced by the internal wrapping of the sun's main north south magnetic field.
Most animals and plants follow an internal clock timed to the rising and setting of the sun--the so-called circadian rhythm.
Other times the internal software's usefulness is more immediately apparent.
When they do, the animals ingest toxins that damage internal organs.
Departing bosses can play a big role in recruiting internal successors.
Nucleated cells have an internal scaffolding called a cytoskeleton, made in part of filaments of the protein actin.
It's all about chronic stress, whether environmental or internal in origin.
If no one's laughing it's because the board has been unable to reach even an internal consensus on what is right.
But they have run into a wall of internal opposition.
Salary will be commensurate with experience and internal departmental equity.
We are currently reviewing our internal procedures to do our best to ensure that this type of mistake does not happen again.
Or you can charge its internal battery to have power on hand when the sun sets.
She is applying for residency training in either internal medicine or pathology.
His office says that it is not a war-crimes investigation but part of an internal process to advise the secretary-general.
They can be areas joining people in common causes where they can become areas for conflict, both internal and external.
Electric vehicles are getting a lot of attention lately, but internal combustion isn't going away anytime soon.
Their organs are small and their internal tissues transparent.
Fraternity leaders are working with the university and conducting an internal investigation to find out what happened, he said.
Electric vehicles may be the future, but internal combustion isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Audit their internal practices for dealing with adults.
To keep each other abreast of the project, they kept a simple internal diary.
To conserve energy, the bear's internal temperature drops a few degrees.
Upticks were also reported in pediatrics and internal medicine, the two other primary-care specialties.
Virus scanners can then download the patterns to bring their internal pattern lists up to date.
We had slipped into a part of the world that mercifully the internal combustion engine had failed to conquer.
They were used to make sure that all the internal parts fit properly before signing off on production.
Apart from our waking visions, our internal perceptions can trap us into not accepting reality.
In the face of contradictory paths, our minds attempt to restore internal peace.
The new work suggests that tumors actually develop their own internal lymphatic systems.
Current theories suggest that the nascent moon could not support the internal dynamo necessary to create a magnetic field.
Their ability to overcome internal ailments is a wonder to behold.
There are both external and internal risk factors for ulcers.
Fuel-cell engines use chemical reactions to produce electricity, instead of burning fuel, as internal-combustion engines do.
During the exploratory surgery, the doctors were surprised to discover no internal bleeding.
Nor will struggle and conflict end in our internal affairs.
The handle has an internal cavity containing a compressed gas source and the blade is affixed to the handle.
Scientists these days have a half-decent sense of how our internal processes work.
Next, you extend the pin inside the plug with a spring loaded aluminum tube so that it will contact the internal pin.
Branches-The cervical portion of the internal carotid gives off no branches.
The latter is a negative from internal infinite completeness, the former a limitation from internal infinite power.
The kidney is composed of an internal medullary and an external cortical substance.
At the point of intersection of the four divisions of the cruciate eminence is the internal occipital protuberance.
After that much cooling had been achieved, the internal temperature ceased to affect surface conditions.
Students are also tested on their ability to quickly scan and identify a list of internal organs.
Experience should evidence skill in balancing the external and internal aspects of a senior leadership role.
His father, a civil engineer, came up with the idea of an internal construction ramp a decade ago.
Tell students that animals use environmental cues, instincts, and internal cues to help them navigate.
But because the liver and other internal organs of the fish contain tetrodotoxin, fugu can be deadly if not prepared correctly.
Most features of the living apes-their torso, internal organs, ligaments and joints-are different from their more primitive kin.
Internal easy access pocket for the accessories you want close at hand.
New research is showing that climate may have played an important role in how the nose's internal structure evolved.
Long-term lifestyle changes require a combination of realistic expectations, internal motivation and achievable action plans.
It had unsuccessfully tried a number of internal efforts to take advantage of new technologies.
In other words, the internal mechanisms of melanocytes can both help guard against cancer as well as help promote its growth.
Scientists have known for some time that insects breathe using a system of internal respiratory tubes called tracheae.
Internal-combustion engines of all sizes, mainly using gasoline, are remarkably well developed in cost and in reliability.
He nixed the idea of an internal fan, because he thought it was noisy and clumsy.
And in his internal defeat-the whimper behind the swagger-he relies on her to set his ambition in motion.
With electrification and the development of the internal-combustion engine, there were new ways to move people and goods around.
He is depersonalized, an echo, a stranger to himself and to his internal world.
The regime tried for decades to silence him, to keep him hidden in internal exile.
The art world, or community, became a destination of internal exile.
It had been a tedious few days of marathon jawing and internal spats.
At the age of three, he was making precise drawings of the internal mechanisms of locomotives.
Third, more disclosure, including of a firm's internal-control structure.
Build in a special gearbox which combines the output of the motor with that of an internal-combustion engine.
But it might also be that internal fraud is now less likely to be detected.
Horrible symptoms include fever, internal bleeding and liver failure.
Sunlight coming through the windows heats up the internal air which has nowhere to go as the air-conditioning struggles to cope.
But the ramshackle coalition that it leads in government has been racked by internal quarrels from the start, and could collapse.
They used the information they gained to craft attacks that could take over and control systems on the car's internal network.
It is not until the internal heat flow is comparable to heat flow from received stellar radiation that there will be a problem.
The precise rate at which white dwarfs cool depends on their internal structure.
Ford isn't alone in trying to revamp the internal combustion engine with electromechanical components.
Even more startling is that many of these technologies are based on the conventional internal-combustion engine.
Internal debates aside, ethnography is gaining credence in the corporate world as a form of market research.
For example, a real-estate company might want a mashup to work with listings from an internal database.
Indeed, the battery lab occupies space once devoted to internal combustion power-train development.
For heavy acceleration and high speed, these vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
The group that accomplished this navigated internal barriers and was not preoccupied with compensation.
Special dyes, known as contrast agents, are often used in medical scans to improve the visibility of internal body structures.
Benign but irritating skin eruptions signal much more serious internal troubles.
In severe cases the inflammation can extend to the internal organs, causing damage to the intestinal and respiratory tracts.
When they start to get cold, their metabolism revs up, generating internal heat.
The scattered modules flip over and wriggle toward each other, guided by cameras and internal sensors.
Some proteins give an organism's body its structure, whether in the cell's internal skeleton or in a strand of hair.
Even though axons tug on the cortex, the tendency to buckle is countered by pressure from the internal structures.
But that could have been from the shattered ribs rather than damage to the internal organs.
Because of the way the gene is altered, your internal structures are unable to recognize hormones.
Similar problems plague sonic weapons, which blast high-intensity sound waves to make internal organs mighty uncomfortable.
Internal references showed the high reproducibility of the sensory evaluations.
No longer able to depend on a cushion of water, it had developed a sturdy rib cage to hold up its internal organs.
She found that the visible matter in galaxies is not heavy enough to explain the speed of their internal motions.
All foreign policy is the extension of one's internal policies into the internal politics of another nation.
Some have attacked the internal improbabilities of the story.
Groups of different internal structures will fall apart in different ways, and so will perceive different kinds of risk.
Because the subject matter was shrouded in claims of national security, however, much of the internal dissent remained hidden.
His legs had been almost severed and internal organs ruptured.
The commissioner is responsible for the system of internal controls across the executive branch.
Internal emitters are any radioactive materials that are retained in the body.
His films never create a mood, an internal weather, an aftertaste.
The list above is not all-inclusive, but is a good starting point for internal dialogue.
It's important in terms of the internal logic of the song.
For divers, internal bleeding, blackouts and the bends were everyday hazards.
They may have had a whole different narrative playing through their internal sound system.
There were no internal controls to gauge success or failure.
At the end of that year, the company announced the results of its internal investigation.

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