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Example sentences for intern

Some say they give the intern a head start on a permanent job.
The specific start and end dates will be determined depending on the host and intern.
At this point the bartender decided to leave the crazy intern to his arthropods.
The intern who admitted her was due to leave and handed her off to the incoming intern.
Intern, volunteer, intern are the three words you need to know for career paths in the non-profit world.
Somebody let the intern have the keys to the printing press again.
The artists and designers are out there, and they're not always the on-hand grad student or intern.
Check out their tweets, pictures, a map and more on their intern blog.
He won the science prize every year and spent his summers working as an intern in different laboratories.
Intern will answer phones, take requests, and follow through on such requests.
Down but not out, our heroine pursues a career in journalism, starting out as a lowly intern.
Once their intern has found that site, they need only bookmark it and then they can find it in five seconds.
Yes, four years of medical school plus one as an intern have given me terrific background.
The intern works under close staff supervision and does not displace regular employees.
Intern licenses cannot be renewed or extended beyond the initial five-year license period.
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