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Example sentences for intermittently

In the past, the collection has been broken up and shown intermittently between visiting and special shows.
The chanting, intermittently rapping crowd had a case.
Intermittently they paused to crane and ogle, scanning the ground ahead for a glimpse of their prey.
The eruption continued intermittently for four months.
The ground has been shaking intermittently ever since.
Some people need to take time to heal, either now or later or intermittently as needed.
The economic news is not catastrophic, merely intermittently depressing.
Groups of genes thought to work in unison did so only intermittently.
Their program was varied, but only intermittently interesting.
Recession has contributed to an intermittently weak oil price and a warm winter has depressed demand for gas.
Creamy yellow flowers appear in spring, then intermittently through fall.
After several weeks of problem-free operation, the computer starting intermittently spitting discs out again.
He has put together a readable and intermittently thoughtful account of what happened.
Blooms intermittently all year, more heavily in fall and winter.
The approach was slow, inefficient, and only intermittently successful.
Condensation formed clouds inside and precipitation would occur intermittently in some portions of the floor.
Sure it might take a week or longer to declare a winner, but playing intermittently is better than not playing at all.
Telephone and power lines work intermittently at best, and often not at all.
They finally get the inverter to come on intermittently.
The train blasts out a shrill whistle which my nephew imitates intermittently for the next couple of hours with piercing accuracy.
Ministers intermittently manoeuvre to inherit their party's leadership.
Windmills and solar panels provide power only intermittently.
Four of the bells had been rung intermittently in the last century.
Medina had worked for a subcontractor intermittently for three years.
It's also intermittently frivolous, blinkered and unfair.
Crusaders have intermittently tried to reform the system.
Some do it on a regular basis, some do it intermittently, and some do it when asked.
For those affected by sleep apnea syndrome, the airway in the back of the throat intermittently collapses.
His lab is currently investigating other reptiles that feed intermittently, including lizards and crocodiles.
And on and on, through a series of overwrought zigs and zags that only intermittently make any inherent sense.
Immediately afterward the recorder began to fail intermittently, apparently because of electrical-power interruptions.
And there followed an extraordinary period of emptiness and suspense, pierced intermittently by strange cries.
Playing trailers for comedy shows on an endless loop, it paused intermittently to solicit payment via text message.
Intermittently, he etches grooves and scratches into the surface with a grinder or wire brush.
Rangers are on-site with programs offered intermittently.
On the plane, beverages are offered only intermittently.
And we're going to have people who are going to participate intermittently with the principals.
Then, if things go well, you can move up to walking and running intermittently.
But the core meaning of what's happening on the darker side of the spectrum has intermittently slipped away.
As his chauffeur took us across town via a circuitous route, our conversation drifted intermittently.
The silence of the day would be broken intermittently by the calls of the vendors.
The long beams of their flashlights intermittently revealed the faces of children, hiding behind corners, watching the spectacle.
Marathon sleeping spells come and go, cropping up intermittently for roughly a decade.
They also ask why its light glows citrus green and flashes intermittently.
As voltage was applied, the muscles deformed intermittently, converting electricity into mechanical energy.
In the intermittently flooded rice, the paddy will be allowed to dry through percolation and evapotranspiration.

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Water's my will, and my way, And the spirit runs, intermittently, In and out of the small waves,... more
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