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Example sentences for intermission

The weekend is not free time but break time-an intermission.
About midnight there was an intermission in the music, presumably for supper.
It turned out to be a false alarm, but the inadvertent early intermission lasted about half an hour while the hall was inspected.
At the theater, the intermission crowd gave her a wide berth.
But he might have done better to change directions more decisively after intermission.
Courtesy, purity of taste, fineness of style are maintained without intermission.
The intermission chatter is generally smarter than it is in the socialite sectors.
It does make for a long evening-four hours, with one intermission.
One trusts he didn't mean these dancing delinquents will be roughing up random patrons during intermission.
And now consider whether a heart made of flesh, be able to endure so many misfortunes, all falling upon me without intermission.
He performed great austerities, and prayed and wept almost without intermission.
The singer was in good spirits and didn't stop to take an intermission.
Moreover, the reaction was carried out in a intermission autoclave, and leading to low production capacity.
We are also open two hours before ticketed performances through intermission for day of show tickets.
Complimentary beverages and chocolates will be provided during intermission.
The bill was divided into two parts with an intermission in the middle.
Following intermission, the quartet will perform a selection of popular and holiday favorites.
Switch at intermission to enjoy a full evening of jazz delights.
Refreshments will be sold during the movie's intermission.
The action continued after intermission with two light heavyweight bouts.
The drawing will take place during intermission, and people do not need to be present to win a print.
The program will run approximately two hours without intermission.
After the intermission, the selections will celebrate the holidays with favorite carols and popular songs.

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